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Bronze trophies
Motion Master - Complete a race steering with the motion sensor function.
Air Assault - Punch a fellow rider off their bike or ATV while you're both in mid-air.
Hot Air - Use in-air cooling to entirely cool your full Boost gauge from Critical in a single jump.
I Made it Myself - Modify your vehicle using all the available options.
Energy Efficient - Win a race without ever entering Critical Boost.
Target - Ram and wreck the same opponent twice during a race.
Kudos - Earn 250 Chips from a single drift in Multiplayer.
Variety is the Spice of Life - Complete a race in all of the standard game modes.
Pure as Mud - Successfully perform 3 stunts in a single race.
Wheelin' an' Dealin' - Pull a continuous wheelie for 5 seconds.
Unlucky for Some - Win a race with each of the 13 vehicle classes.
FPR - Win a race using only the vehicle-mounted camera.
Grease Monkey - Swap out at least one vehicle part on each of the 13 vehicle classes.
Over There! - 'Look At' 5 unique race incidents over 5 different races.
Rampage! - Use the Ram to wreck 10 opponents.
Found One! - Collect 1 of the hidden MotorStorm Cards.
'You wanna play?' - Make it to the party as Mash.
'We're gonna race - in that?' - Complete 'Off the Rails' as Mash.
'Eat my dust, tough guy!' - Complete 'Aces High' as Mash.
'Okay, let's do this.' - Complete 'Credit Crunch' as Mash.
'You wanna stay, shut your mouth.' - Make it to the party as Tyler.
'I'm just waiting for a sucker to beat.' - Complete 'Road Warriors' as Tyler.
'I'm all in.' - Complete 'Suburban Shakedown' as Tyler.
'It's about life and death.' - Complete 'End of the Line' as Tyler.
'Only one of us is making it out of this city alive.' - Complete 'The End is Nigh' as Tyler.
'Restricted my ass!' - Start the party as Big Dog.
'Time to lose these guys...' - Complete 'High Way' as Big Dog.
'If you start, you got to finish...' - Complete 'Final Drive' as Big Dog.
Now for the Main Event... - Pass 5 Special Events.
Starter for 10 - Pass 10 Special Events.
Gently Does it - Complete your first online race.
Where's My Money? - Place and win a bet in Matchmaking.
High Five! - Reach Rank 5 in Multiplayer.
Stacked - Reach Rank 15 in Multiplayer.
Where Do You Put Them All? - Earn 50 Accolades in Multiplayer.
Decorated Stormer - Earn 25 Medals in Multiplayer.

Silver trophies

Found 'em All! - Collect 150 of the hidden MotorStorm Cards
'Want a Magic Nut Bar?' - Complete 'Baked' as Mash.
'And Mash wins!' - Survive the Festival as Mash.
'I guess you love trouble...' - Complete 'Wargames' as Tyler.
'Any questions?' - Complete 'Sea Spray' as Big Dog.
Nail'd it - Pass 25 Special Events.
Double or Quits? - Win a bet while on a x2 Hot Streak.
Croupier - Reach Rank 30 in Multiplayer.

Gold trophies
'We're the best... it's that simple.' - Survive the Festival as Tyler.
'You're greased.' - End the Festival as Big Dog.
Jackpot - Reach Rank 40 in Multiplayer.

Platinum trophy
The Big One - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

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