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Maximum life drops:
When beginning the game, enter the first house. Go down the rope and enter the door. Talk to the old women on the right, she will give you a chest of 5 lifedrops. DO NOT OPEN THE CHEST. Instead, talk to her at least 20 times. She will now dropped 20 chest, 100 lifedrops. Open them all to max out your blue hearts. After opening one of her chests, you can no longer get anymore by talking to her.

Lucky 7,777 Gold:
Farm gold from enemies. When your gold reaches 777, you will automatically be rewarded with an additional 7000 gold.


Bronze trophies
Be a Bit More Careful - Just started and you're already falling in pits!
Cute Wind Spirit - Rescue the Wind Spirit.
Delighted Sun Spirit - Rescue the Sun Spirit.
Happy Earth Spirit - Rescue the Earth Spirit.
Monster World Welcomes You - Find the "Welcome to Monster World" message.
Refreshment - Wash your face in the spring at the Pyramids.
SEGA Games Are #1! - Watch the SEGA logo sequence.
Such Agility - Land 3 consecutive downthrusts without touching the ground.
Thankful Moon Spirit - Rescue the Moon Spirit.

Silver trophies
Every Last Drop - Collect all the Life Drops.
Jackpot - Collect 777 gold and see what happens.

Gold trophies
You Did It! - Finish the game.

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