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Bronze trophies

Transmission - Enter the body.
Diving Deeper - Complete the 1st of 5 worlds.
Loco Motion - Beat a level using only movement parts.
Cold Blooded - Kill 25 nanite enemies that emerge when you kill larger organisms.

Silver trophies
Fully Buffed - Equip a bot with only max level parts.
Amoxicillin - Kill 1000 Bacteria.
Fullerene - Collect all 20 Bucky Balls.
Up and Atom - Amass 50,000 Atoms.
Micromania - Collect 'em all - parts, that is.
Survivor - Beat 3 rounds in Challenge Mode.
Team Player - Kill 25 enemies while using the Coop Link Gun. 
Alive or Dead? - Find the source of the hostiles and destroy it.

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