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Michael Jackson: The Experience PS3 Cheats

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Song list:
The following is a list of all 26 songs in the game:

Beat It
Billie Jean
Black Or White
Dirty Diana
Don't Stop Till You Get Enough
Earth Song
Heal The World
In The Closet
Leave Me Alone
Remember The Time
Rock With You
Smooth Criminal
Speed Demon
Sunset Driver
The Girl Is Mine
The Way You Make Me Feel
They Don't Care About Us
Wanna Be Startin' Something
Who Is It
Will You Be There
Workin' Day And Night


Bronze trophies
Dice - Your first song (one singer).
T-Rex - Your first dance (one dancer).
Church Hop - Your first song (two singers).
Leg Kick - Your first dance (at least two dancers).
Robot - Sing: Obtain 5 ? on 5 different Easy songs.
Heel Groove - Dance: Obtain 5 ? on 5 different Easy songs.
Click-Click Chest - 10 different songs (one singer).
Hop Walk - 10 different dances (one dancer).
Shuffle - 10 different songs (two singers).
Step-Shuffle-Pow - 10 different dances (at least 2 dancers).
Monster Poses - Save 10 photos.
Monster Breakdown - Save 10 videos.
Rock and Pop - Reach every gold note on 5 different songs.
Funky Rocks - While singing, obtain at least 'OK' on every line.
BackPack - Post 10 photos on your Facebook profile.

Silver trophies
Jackson Walk - Achieve all gold moves on 5 different songs.
Kick Freeze and Repeat - 20 different songs (one singer).
Cross With Scoot - 20 different dances (one dancer).
Military March - 20 different songs (two singers).
Gallup - 20 different dances (at least 2 dancers).
Butterfly - Sing: Obtain 5 ? on 5 different Medium songs.
Hot Feet - Dance: Obtain 5 ? on 5 different Medium Songs.

Gold trophies
Side Glide - 29 different songs (one singer).
360 Airwalk - 29 different dances (one dancer).
Lock and Pop - 29 different songs (two singers).
Zero Gravity Lean - 29 different dances (at least 2 dancers).
Never-Ending Spin - Sing: Obtain 5 ? on 4 different Hard songs.
Toe Stand - Dance: Obtain 5 ? on 5 different Hard songs.

Platinum trophy
Moonwalk - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies

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