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Deja Vu mission guide:
This mission requires you to recreate scenes from the original Metal Gear Solid game that released on PS1. One done, you must answer a few questions based on the MGS universe. Below are the locations of all the scenes followed by the answer to each question. Note: you must remain undetected for the scenes to be officially 'recreated':

Scene 1: Gunship - Head to the helipad and take cover behind the large electrical box to the northeast of the helicopter. The guard across (on the north wall) won't notice you if you move slowly. Peek out toward the helicopter to complete the scene.

Scene 2: Searchlights - Sneak up the ladder to the catwalk via the courtyard in Administration Building and take out the two guards operating the searchlights. Position them so that they leave a small patch of darkness over the itembox, then go down and collect the box.

Scene 3: Surveillance Camera - Sneak across the helipad area towards the drainage channel and then crawl the last few yards to avoid
being spotted by the guard under the camera, then move up and take cover behind the large storage container to recreate the scene.

Scene 4: Moai - Search the boiler room area (not where the prisoner is kept but more outside of that) for a Moai statue along the north wall.

Scene 5: Tank - Find some hand grenades (there are some in the armory located just south of the warehouse area in the center of hte map) and head towards the west refugee camp. Toss one inside the open hatch of the tank to recreate this scene.

Scene 6: Liquid - Drive the jeep (found in the center of the Helipad area) along the north road and down underneath the overpass to recreate the jeep chase at the end of MGS 1.

Scene 7: Mantis - During the briefing section for this scene, Miller says he "forgot" to include a picture and suggests you check the back of the box. Grab your MGS V: GZ case and check it's back to see an image displaying the iconic black "HIDEO" screen. Go to the rear courtyard of the administration building and shut down the power via the control box to complete the final scene.

After recreating all seven scenes, Miller will signal you to head for the exit, which is an air duct inside the Administration Building courtyard just past the
main gate. Crawl through the vent to end the mission and receive your ranking.

XOF patches glitch solution:
If you find that you're stuck at 8/9 XOF patches collected and the last one does not appear, one solution is to restart the mission and recheck every XOF patch location again (including rolling around multiple times). The only other option that may work is to uninstall and reinstall the game, or delete your save file. Xbox players can also uninstall the game (if it is installed) and re-install it.

Extra Op mission:
After collecting all nine XOF patches in Camp Omega during the Main Op mission, complete the mission to unlock a special Extra Op mission. The mission differs depending on what platform you are playing. Note: A free update released on May 1st 2014 fixed it so that these previously platform-exclusive missions are now available to all consoles:

PS3 and PS4 - Deja Vu
This mission involves recreating several scenes from the original Metal Gear Solid from 1998.

Jamais Vu (Xbox 360 and Xbox One)
Instead of Snake/Big Boss, players play as Raiden, the mercenary-turned-cyborg-ninja from Metal Gear Solid 2, MGS4, and Rising: Revengeance.

Zone of The Enders music tape:

Complete every mission on Hard mode to unlock a remix track from Zone of the Enders: The Second Runner for use in the music player.

"Depth" trophy hint:
For this trophy you must play the "Eliminate The Renegade Threat" side op and extract both enemies while they are still alive-- they can be knocked out but not killed. The first target is found in the south, clsoe to the area with the white tents. He is a bald guy patrolling along two other guards. He is easy to spot since he is the only enemy without a hat. YOu'll want to get to him as fast as possible as soon as the mision starts, then use the WU Silent Pistol to tranquilize him and the two other guards. Call the helicopter and extract him, then go to the north where the helipads are located. In the big watch tower of the admin building is another soldier without a hat that is also guarded by two other enemies. Go through the red door on the far left, eliminate all the guards and cameras, and he will come down a ladder. You can kill his two bodyguards while they are descending the ladder. Knock him out and put him in the car that is parked in the same area. Once done, drive out of the mission area while he is sitting inside to get the trophy.

Easy "Extraction" trophy hint:
All four prisoners must be rescued during the "Destroy The Anti-Air Emplacements" side-op to get the "Extraction" trophy. The first prisoner is kept in the same cell where you found Paz during the "Ground Zeroes" main mission (in the basement of the admin building). Call the extraction helicopter to the beach at the east side of the map and safely carry the prisoner out to it. The other three prisoners are together in the cells where you found Chico during the "Ground Zeroes" mission, just near the beach with the extraction point. You don't have to travel far after the first extraction and there are few enemies guarding the place. Simply open their cells, call the helicopter, and extract each prisoner. All prisoners must be alive when you extract them.

"Reminiscence" trophy hint:
This trophy requires you to interact with seven objects in order during the Sony-exclusive Deja Vu mission to see flashbacks of the original Metal Gear Solid on PlayStation. The objects are near each together. Don't get detected at the start, then go to the helipad in the northern part of the map. Don't kill the guards in front of the helipad or destroy the helicopter-- doing so will make it so that you cannot trigger the flashback any longer. Some of the other scenes can also become missable if you destroy their respective objects (jeep, tank, camera). Open the in-game menu and highlight the "Mission Objectives" to view which scenes you have completed. All of them must be done in one playthrough to get the trophy after completing the mission. To end the mission, crawl through an air vent near the gate in the north.

"Rescue" trophy hint:
The easiest way is to rescue the prisoner meant for execution and extract him with the helicopter at the startof the "Ground Zeroes" mission. After opening the locked fence, you can see an area several white tents on the left side. In the north-western corner of this area (past the tents) is a wooden shack, and inside is the prisoner in orange clothing. Pick him up, call the extraction chopper, and put the prisoner in the chopper to earn the trophy.

Easy "S" rank on "Classified Intel Acquisition":
The mission starts with Snake in the back of a truck. Stay there until you reach the Admin building and the gate opens,  then get out of the truck. Head to the parking and unloading zone to the left of the road. Crawl under the pipes as fast as you can, then climb over the second set of pipes. Take out the patrol guard to the right (near the parked jeep) with the Tranquilizer Gun, then climb up the ladder and enter the central watch tower. Take the tape and go back down the ladder to the parked truck. Get in the back of the truck and wait until the driver returns. Remain in the truck, and it will leave the base. You will complete the mission and get an "S" rank. Note: Time is irrelevant for the "S" rank; the only requirement is that you ride the truck into the base, take the tape, then ride the truck out. Make sure not to get spotted in the Admin building to gain an additional "No Reflex" bonus.

Easy "S" rank on "Intel Operative Rescue":
Getting an "S" rank for this mission requires that you don't kill anyone-- destroying armored vehicles or AA emplacements does not count as a combat kill. However, destroying manned cars, trucks, or choppers does count. Choose the non-lethal Stun Revolver secondary weapon in your inventory. Once the operative enters his jeep, you will have to deal with pursuing vehicles. Aim for the driver with the Stun Revolver, and shoot out the windows. When Miller warns Snake of an Anti-Air emplacement, use your rifle to destroy the emplacement with the secondary grenade launcher attachment. Use the night-vision goggles to scan the area for enemies (to avoid getting a kill), then use the grenade to destroy the emplacement. Try taking it out in one shot. Do not shoot the explosive barrels, and make sure to shoot the soliders first with the Recoilless Rifle. They are the largest threat to your operative ally and chopper. Once Snake is dropped off on the helicopter landing pad, run to the operative and take a rocket launcher. Eliminate the armored vehicle with three shells, then clear out the remaining attackers until Morpho appears. During the final sequence, when the gunner appears in the pursuit helicopter's open door, use the Stun Revolver to knock him out and complete the mission and get an "S" rank.

Hard mode:

Complete a mission to unlock a Hard difficulty for that specific mission.

M-2000 sniper rifle:
Earn an"A" rank to unlock the M-2000 sniper rifle in Main Ops mode.

Moai Statue easter egg:
During the "Intel Operative Rescue" side-mission there are Moai Statues throughout the mission. These statues are common Konami easter egg that have appeared since classic games like Gradius and the original Castlevania. The following is a list of all 5 statues followed by their locations:

Moai Statue #1 - Atop of the tower after the first five enemies and the helicopters circle around to the warehouse area.
Moai Statue #2 - There is one inside Chico's cell.
Moai Statue #3 - In the watchtower on the corner of the administrator building, where the guard tries firing a rocket launcher.
Moai Statue #4 - Get off the helicopter and kill all of the enemies at the base, then run to the rocket launcher. Wait for the gate to open, then allow the tank to pass. The Moai statue can now be found at the bottom right corner of the gate. It must be collected before the gate closes.
Moai Statue #5 - Search the square roof at the base of the big tower that the other helicopter blows up. You may need to circle the tower once or more times to have the opportunity to hit it.

Metal Gear Logos easter eggs:
Throughout the Sony-exclusive Deja Vu mission area you can find the title logos of every other Metal Gear game. Interrogate a certain gaurd to mark all the locations of the logos in the level. The AM MRS-4 rifle found in the admin building armory emits a blue a blue light that can erase the logos of the canonical metal gear games. Completing it triggers a short codec call with Psycho Mantis.

FoxDie easter egg:

During the Sony-exclusive Deja Vu Extra Op mission you can find some POWs who have been infected by the poison known as FoxDie. When Snake attempts to extract them, they die of apparent heart failure.

Original Metal Gear easter eggs:
During the Sony-exclusive Deja Vu mission there is a Cassette Tape found near the beach that has two tracks from past Metal Gear games on it - the Resurgence (ALERT!) music from Metal Gear Solid and the Theme of Tara from the original Metal Gear for the MSX2.

Unlockable Skins:
At the end of the PS3/PS4-exclusive Deja Vu mission there will be a quiz. Answering them all correctly while playing on 'Normal' will unlock the Classic Snake skin, while completing it on 'Hard' unlocks Frank Jaeger with the Frank Jaegar Skin (a.k.a. Grey Fox) himself, the Cyborg Ninja.

Hideo Kojima easter egg:
The Side Op Intel Operative Rescue shows Snake examining a pair of Kojima's signature shades-- J.F.Rey Eyewear glasses. The mission even ends with the revelation that the VIP target Big Boss and Miller were rescuing was none other than Kojima himself. After completinge the Op Kojima is seen inside the helicopter mission select menu where he will ocasionaly give the missions a spin.

Cassette Tape Locations:
Scattered through the various missions are seven of Chico's cassette tapes, each containing information surrounding the events of MGS Peace Walker, Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain. Some tape locations can usually be uncovered by interrogating a random guard in each mission. Besides Chico's Cassette tapes there are also other recordings you can find. Find the following tapes by searching the corresponding locations:

Chico's Cassette Tape 2 -Sitting in the highest watch tower of the administration building during the "Ground Zeroes" mission.

Chico's Cassette Tape 3 - Obtained through the course of the "Ground Zeroes" Mission (cannot be missed)

Chico's Cassette Tape 4 - Rescue the P.O.W. found in the West Refugee Camp during the "Ground Zeroes" mission.

Chico's Cassette Tape 5 - Found during the "Ground Zeroes" mission, in the Alley next to the stairs going down to the boiler room where Paz is being held. On one of the dumpsters.

Chico's Cassette Tape 6 - Found during "Eliminate the Renegade Threat" missio, in the armory building closest to the starting point of the Ground Zeroes mission.

Chico's Cassette Tape 7 - Destroy all Emplacements and/or Extract P.O.W.s during the Side Ops Mission "Destroy the Anti-Air Emplacements."

Agents Recording - Found during the Side-Ops Mission "Classified Intel Aquisition", iin the highest guard tower in the Admin. Building. Technically you do not have to find the undercover soldier in order to get this. An easy was to get this is to simply stay in the truck that you begin the mission in until it has reached its destination(Admin. Building)

Classified Intel Data - Found during the Side-Ops Mission "Classified Intel Aquisitio.", after picking up the Agents Recording Kaz mentions that this was a set-up. Find the undercover agent and make him answer for this deception. He will tell you that the real tape is in the hands of a marine with a shaved head. The marine in question is found down in the boiler room. Sneak up and make him give up the tape.

Here's to You - Found during "Ground Zeroes" mission iin the cell adjacent to Chico's.

Zone of the Enders - Complete every mission on Hard of The 2nd Runner: Beyond the Bounds.

Resurgence/Theme of Tara - Found during the "Deja Vu" mission, on the beach near the starting point, by a helicopter extraction point.

XOF Patch Locations for "Insignia" trophy:
The following are the locations of every XOF Patch that can be collected during the main Main Op mission. Find them all and then complete the operation to unlock the exclusive Extra Op mission and unlock the trophy:

Patch #1
A patch seems to get caught in your pants and the only way to remove it is to lie down and roll sideways a few times. Keep going until a cutscene plays, then pick up the patch from the ground.

Patch #2
As soon as the mission beings, turn around and look for the patch along the edge of the cliff.

Patch #3
Start infiltrating the base by taking out the guard at the nearest watchtower and the patrols near the gate. The troops on the ground will leave eventually so don't worry about them. Once done, pick the lock at the gate and make your way to the depressed area just west of where you entered. You’ll find the patch near the neatly organized planks of wood and the red and white barrel.

Patch #4
The path between you and the next patch is guarded with at least three soldiers, so be cautious. Find the trio of small generators within a chain link fence, which you pass by lockpicking. The patch is on the leftmost generator.

Patch #5
The following three patches are in the middle of the base, requiring that you keep an eye out for watchtowers, the foot patrols, and the limited points of cover. Careful timing is necessary for this fifth patch since it’s near the watchtower’s spotlight. Be sure to look for a puddle, which is where the patch is located.

Patch #6
Proceed forward and veer slightly to the right to reach the next patch. Look for a moveable industrial elevator and a drainage crawl space. The patch is next to the drainage grate.

Patch #7
For this patch you will have to pass through the nearby door into the base interior. There should only be one guard to deal with, but if you do find him be sure to take him out. You’ll have to climb up one level, opposite the walkway on the right upon entering the base interior. The patch is located on top of one of the mini generators.

Patch #8
Head towards the prison in the southeast part of the map. This patch is on top of a guard post overlooking the prison. Although a“guard” post, you won't find much resistance here.

Patch #9
Head to the prison and eliminate any patrols, then  lockpick the entrance. The patch impossible to miss unless you never look down.


Bronze trophies
Reunion - Reunite with Chico or Paz.
Downfall - Clear the "Ground Zeroes" mission.
Genesis - Clear a Side Op or Extra Op.
Accomplished - Clear all missions (including Side Ops and Extra Ops).
Rescue - In the "Ground Zeroes" mission, rescue the prisoner to be executed and extract him via chopper.
Depth - Clear the "Eliminate the Renegade Threat" Side Op by extracting both targets.
Pacifist - Clear the "Intel Operative Rescue" Side Op without killing a single enemy.
Infiltration - Clear the "Classified Intel Acquisition" Side Op while riding in the back of a truck.
Extraction - In the "Destroy the Anti-Air Emplacements" Side Op, rescue and extract all prisoners via chopper.
Reminiscence - Recreate all scenes in the "Déjà-Vu" Extra Op.
Unlocked - Unlock all trials.
Information - Obtain all cassette tapes.
Insignia - Obtain all XOF unit patches.

Silver trophies
Skilled - Clear any mission (including Side Ops and Extra Ops) with a S-rank.

Gold trophies
Hero - Clear all missions (including Side Ops and Extra Ops) with a S-rank.

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