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Bronze trophies
AM/FM - Listen to the radio show in your Soul Village.
First Class Ticket - Get the monorail to the Mainframe.
Heavy Reading - Get crushed by a bookcase in the Library.
Inducktion - Read the employee handbook.
Unlucky Duckling - Go down the wrong path in the Fairground Zero Level.

Silver trophies
Designated Driver - Complete the Street Level without taking a hit.
Ducktective - Find half of the blue ducks.
Further Down The Rabbit Hole - Make the right choice in the Library.
Scared Of The Dark - Complete the Hospital Level without a torch.
The Virus, The Glitch & The Wardrobe - Attacked by the virus in the closet.
Welsh Wizard - Complete the full game in Welsh.
Whales Interactive - Touch the whale on the Beach Zero Level.

Gold trophies
Astronomical - Complete the planet puzzle in the School Level without checking the answer.
Ducktective Inspector - Find all of the blue ducks.
Going Viral - Find all the virus symbols.
I Don't Like Aeroplane Food - Complete the Aeroplane Level without dying.
Master Reboot - Find the alternative ending.
Smack My Glitch Up - Hit all the viruses in the Graveyard Level.
The Final Countdown - Complete the Final Level in record time.
Welcome To The Soul Cloud - Complete the full game.

Platinum trophy
Platinum Trophy - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

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