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Major League Baseball 2K7 PS3 Cheats

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Cheat Codes:
Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding case-sensitive codes at "Main Menu" > "My 2K7" > "Enter Cheat Code".

All Cheats - Black Sox
All Bonuses - Derek Jeter
All Extras - Game On
Boost Team's Power Rating for One Inning - mightymick
Boost Hitting of the Third, Fourth, and Fifth Hitters - triplecrown
Increase Home Run Ability - m4murder
Mickey Mantle card - themick
Pinch Hitter Mickey Mantle card - phmantle

Daisuke Matzusaka:
Red Sox pitcher Daisuke Matzusaka did not want to have his name appear in the game. He is on the roster as Dennis Miles.

Cheaper players in Franchise mode:
Release a high paid player to free agency. Then, offer them a new contract. Their asking price may be lower than what you were already paying them. Though sometimes it will be higher.

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