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Bronze trophies
Army of One - Have Kinna join your party.
I Feel...Drained... - Absorb the color from a power stone.
ABRACADABRA! - Use a Chroma-Skill for the first time.
Dead...ARISE! - Unlock the "Raise Dead" skill.
Artistic Merit - Extract Item attributes to a Scroll.
Good Job, Harry Winston! - Add a Gem to an Item.
Thoroughly Rune-ed - Equip a Rune for the first time.
Awakening - Reach level ten.
The Road to Wellville - Obtain 100 Health Potions.
Insurgent - Kill 100 Kingdom Soldiers.
Monokeros Vastator - Kill 100 Unicorns.
Heretical Barbarian - Kill 100 Dragonmen.
Skeleton King - Kill 100 Skeletons.
I have become Death...AGAIN! - Kill 100 Undead.
Attack on Titans - Kill 100 Titans.
No Respecter of Persons - Kill 100 Shai Soldiers.
Let's Horse Around! - Have Usoph the Unicorn Elder join your cause.
A Titan-ic Accomplishment - Have the titan runemaster Vallos join your cause.
Tower of Power - Enter the Tower of the Gods.
Vengeance is MINE, sayeth...me?! - Kill Purifier Brooks.
Zero Sum Escape - Kill Captian Rivers and complete the Dungeon map.
This Land is MY Land...! - Kill General Tiel and complete the Island map.
Abolitionist - Complete Mines map.
Defender of the Kingdom - Complete Azure Cove map.
Protector of the Kingdom - Complete Desert map.
No Rest for the Wicked...or the Undead - Complete Burial Grounds map.

Silver trophies
Insight - Reach level twenty.
Green with...ENVY?! - Max out the levels of all the Green Magic skills.
Blue Meanie - Max out the levels of all the Blue Magic skills.
Necromancer - Max out the levels of all the Red Magic skills.
Obsidian Plague - Kill 100 Obsidian Guard.

Gold trophies
Wisdom - Reach level thirty.
Scavenger - Obtain 500 Items.
Conqueror - Kill 1000 Enemies.
I am the King of the World - Defeat the King.
The Queen is Dead - Defeat the Daemon Queen.

Platinum trophy
Perfection - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

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