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Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut PS3 Cheats

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Bronze trophies
Fusion Chef - Combine ten types of food.
Iron Chef - Cook five types of food.
Gourmet Chef - Eat a Steamed Ham after combining it with another food.
Candyman - Eat five fruit drops, no more than once a day.
Soda Aficionado - Drink a Chilled Can Of Soda.
Coffee Aficionado - Drink three cups of coffee, no more than once a day.
Communicator - Attempt to talk to The Man Who Wears A Box five times.
Detective - Read all the diary pages.
Nobleman - Give away a Delicious Ham.
Schizophrenic - See both versions of the dancing dream.
Gamer - Play Soul Brother.
Muso - Listen to your Personal Stereo.
Pet Lover - Talk to your fully-adopted cat five times.
Companion - Talk to Sleepy Cat five times.
Friend To The Flora - Feed Chuck.
Paranoid - Shoot the Writhing Thing.
Fearless - Escape from The Daddy without using your flashlight.
Patient - Defeat Mother without shooting or flares.

Silver trophies
Grounded - Complete the game without using a mirror to travel.
Expert - Complete the game in Expert Mode.
Fast Food Chef - Eat You's favourite food.
Fine Diner - Eat ten kinds of food.
Barista - Drink three cups of espresso, no more than once a day.
Soda Jerk - Drink a Chilled Mexican Cola.
Green Dreamer - Witness all five Green Dreams.
Blue Dreamer - Witness all five Blue Dreams.
Friend To The Fauna - Feed all five tins of cat food to your cat.
Friend To The Sick - Give Hank all five health tonics.
Friend To The Fellow Man - Give all five Sleepy Cat comics to The Director.
New Man - Discover the Green Ending.
Old Man - Discover the Blue Ending.
Demolished Man - Discover the Red Ending.
Peaceful Man - Discover the Yellow Ending.

Gold trophies
Wise Man - Discover the White Ending.
Antagonist - Complete the game using one piece of rotting meat and no flares.
Pacifist - Complete the game without firing a single shot.

Platinum trophy
True Survivor - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

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