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Credits and Hidden Part:
To unlock the credits and "Hidden Part" secret menu options, go to the title screen and simultaneously press L3+R3. Alternatively, unlock all trophies throughout the course of one game session.


Bronze trophies
Greetings To Andromeda Software Development - Andromeda software development is a demogroup with an extremely distinctive style.
Greetings To Conspiracy - Conspiracy is a hungarian group that specializes in creating 64-kilobyte intros.
Greetings To Fairlight - Fairlight is an old group with a lot of members from all over europe
Greetings To Farbrausch - Farbrausch is a demogroup famous for using procedural techniques for creating textures, scenes, and animations in their productions.
Greetings To Madwizards - Madwizards is an old group originating out of poland best known for their accelerated amiga productions.
Greetings To MFX - Mfx demos are known for their distinctive, mostly experimental style, focusing on building a specific dark atmosphere.
Greetings To RGBA - RGBA is a spanish group known mostly for their 64-kilobyte and their recent 4-kilobyte productions.
Greetings To Still - Still is a relatively new group formed by ex-members of bauknecht, lkcc and "haujobb".
Greetings To Sunflower - Sunflower is an old group that brought new trends to the demoscene in the beginning of accelerated era.
Greetings To The Black Lotus - The black lotus is an old amiga group with a very distinctive, monumental style, influencing other groups including plastic.
Sigil Of Time - Freeze and manipulate time in order to force your way through rips in reality.

Silver trophies

Sigil Of Chaos - Chaos inhabits every fiber of the universe.
Sigil Of Creation - Eyes are the black holes of creatures, vast depths of darkness, but at the center you will find that creation exists everywhere, even when it is where
Sigil Of Light - It is foretold that revealing all 6 sigils will bring about light, and thus the sigils have been uncovered and light has been wrought from the shadow.
Sigil Of Motion - Make the world tremble and the heavens shatter from within the shadows.
Sigil Of Nature - The force of nature has brought odd life to an even more unusual environment.

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