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"Lord Of The Prance" trophy guide:
To unlock this trophy you simply have to equip three items: the Dazzle Wig, Mithril Rhythm Stick and Mithril Dance Boots. Note: schematics are required to forge the mithril items in Bree while the wig can be found as a special treasure item. The following items are found in the corresponding locations:

Dazzle Wig
Enter "Flies And Spiders" and start at "The Elves Of Mirkwood" section to find a path near the start that is blocked with mithril bricks. Destroy them and enter to find a jacuzzi party. Use the fishing pole to obtain the Dazzle Wig.

Mithril Rhythm Stick
Go to Rivendell and jump down below a bridge near the lake to find a boat on a hidden dock. Go to the spire in the center of the lake, then throw an explosive weapon at the mithril chest to get the schematic.

Mithril Dance Boots
Further east in Rivendell is an ornate bridge that leads to a door against the cliff wall. Inside the training cave, use an elf to climb the ropes and jump to three switches. Hit all three switches to open the cage below and obtain the schematic.

Easy studs hint:
Note: The more stud multipliers you have, the better. Go to Bree and collect the two purple studs (worth 10,000 each at x1 multiplier) in the center square of town. Once done, enter the nearby interior shop and then go back outside to make the purple studs respawn. Repeat this process as many times as possible. You will earn 38,400,000 studs for each purple stud collected if you have all five stud multipliers.

Stud Multiplier Locations:
Acquire every stud multiplier by performing the corresponding tasks. Stud multipliers can be activated in conjunction with one another. Collect and activate all five stud multipliers to receive a x3840 stud multiplier, giving you 3840 studs for every one stud collected.

x2 Studs (costs 500,000 studs)
Mithril Flail item location (Over Hill And Under Hill): Change to an elf and shoot arrows into the yellow slots on the cliffs. Jump up and swing to the high wooden ledge to acquire the schematic.

Red Brick location: Complete the quest in Hobbiton during the daytime. The person giving the stud quest is in the far northern section of the map.

x4 Studs (costs 1,500,000 studs)
Mithril Shadow Blade item location: Go south and slightly east of Bree. In that area, look for large yellow and purple sign post with arrows. Follow the yellow arrows; if you see a purple arrow, go the opposite direction to find the next yellow arrow. Two yellow arrows will appear above some loose dirt if you go the correct way. Dig in that area to find a key, then jump over to a special altar. Give it some crafting items, which can be purchased in Erebor, to obtain the schematic.

Red Brick location: Travel to the High Pass east of Rivendell, then climb down the giant Lego brick cliff. Swing across the gap and then climb up to find the person giving the stud quest.

x6 Studs (costs 4,500,000 studs)
Mithril Construction Hat item location: On the road between Dol Guldur and Rhovanion, find the goblin wall, and climb up it with a goblin character. Jump across the platforms and plant a flower to reach the jump pads above. While on the mountain path, go to the cave entrance and solve the puzzle by moving the big block to the high ledge. Once done, set a fire, and smash the chest to get the schematic.

Red Brick location: The person giving the stud quest is on the southern shores of Moria, near a Lego tent near the water.

x8 Studs (costs 10,000,000 studs)
Mithril Beanstalk item location: In the snowy Pass Of Caradhras, far south of Rivendell, is a cave covered with mithril rocks. Destroy the rocks to find the schematic inside, near a snowman.

Red Brick location: The person giving the stud quest is on the path south of Bree's entrance from Hobbiton, on the edge of a cliff.

x10 Studs (costs 20,000,000 studs)
Mithril Candle Staff item location: South of Dol Guldur in the forest, search for sparkling wooden bricks covering a cave entrance. Use the ring with Bilbo to destroy the planks. There is a locked altar inside that requires three hidden keys. Dig up the loose dirt on the right, shoot the target under the owl in the tree to the left, then break the bricks in the foreground left to collect all three keys. Use the three keys to open the locked altar and obtain the schematic.

Red Brick location: In the elven forest west of Dol Guldur, the person giving the stud quest will appear in the trees. Note: Complete the other optional quests first for this stud quest to become available.

Unlimited loot hint:
Fast travel to Hobbiton and choose "Bofur" as your character. Follow the river east until you come across a box full of bread on the right. Destroy the box and collect the wood and bread, then go straight through the fence to reach a small cave that contains random loot that can be mined. The random loot can be copper, iron, gold, silver, sapphire, ruby, emerald, diamond, or stone. After collecting the loot in the small cave, turn left to see a box of fish near the bridge. Destroy the box of fish and collect the items, then pause the game and select "View Map". Fast travel to Hobbiton again. All loot will respawn. Repeat this process to acquire enough loot to forge every tool and weapon in the game.

Character Cheat Codes:
Select the "Extras" option from the paused game menu and select "Enter Code", then activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes: Note: These characters are not saved through play sessions, so re-entering the codes again is required each time you restartthe game:

Alfrid - FAVZTR
Azog - 84ZZSI or 84ZZSU
Bain - W5Z6AC
Bard - UER3JG
Barliman Butterbur - XTVM8C
Barrow Wight - 555R9C
Beorn - KEID2V
Braga - MXUXKO
Elros - H2CAID
Fimbul - THAVRM
Galadriel - 00TE7J
Gollum - 3CE37P
Grinnah - TPD7YW
Lindir - V4Y5HZ
Master of Laketown - 9NOK35
Narzug - 4FYKKB
Necromancer - NM3I2O
Percy - 74KN31
Peter Jackson! - 5OJEUC
Rosie Cotton - TB4S6J
Sauron - OARA3D
Thror - SYKSXF
Tom Bombadil - 4Y95TJ
Witchking - V8AHMJ
Yazneg - S6VV33


Bronze trophies
A city turned to ash - Complete "Greatest Kingdom in Middle-earth".
In a hole in the ground... - Complete "An Unexpected Party".
Slunk back from whence he came - Complete "Azog the Defiler".
... And be stone to you! - Complete "Roast Mutton".
More of a letter-opener, really! - Complete "The Troll Hoard".
More than a thunderstorm! - Complete "Over Hill and Under Hill".
That'll do it... - Complete "Goblin Town".
I believe the worst is behind us - Complete "Out of the Frying Panů".
What do you need? - Complete "Queer Lodgings".
Attercop! Attercop! - Complete "Flies and Spiders".
Escaped the dungeons of the King - Complete "Barrels Out of Bond".
The Mountain-king's return - Complete "A Warm Welcome".
He is summoning his servants - Complete "Looking for Proof".
It's undoubtedly a trap - Complete "The Necromancer".
Time to earn your reward - Complete "On the Doorstep".
Think furnace, with wings - Complete "Inside Information".
Hardly burglar material - Collect 99 of any loot.
Wealth lies in the Earth - Complete the mining game perfectly 50 times.
Bro's before Gold - Use 50 Buddy-Up attacks.
Team Building - Use every Dwarf from Thorin's Company in a Buddy-Up attack.
Conjurer of Cheap Tricks - Use Gandalf's startle ability to dazzle 50 enemies.
Lord of the Prance - Equip yourself with Dazzle Wig, Mithril Rhythm Stick and Mithril Dance Boots.
Dawn of the Mushroom King - Equip Thorin with the Mithril Mushroom Crown.
Master Builder - Obtain 150,000 studs from Instruction Builds bonuses. (Single Player Only).
Someone to share in an adventure - Play a level in co-op.
Beorn Again - Transform to Beorn's bear form.
Who is this horrid creature? - Create a custom character.

Silver trophies
Labouring in the villages of Men - Collect all Schematics. (Single Player Only).
Doilies and your mother's dishes - Collect all Treasure Items in levels. (Single Player Only).
Objects of great beauty - Forge all the Mithril Treasure Items. (Single Player Only).
The Unassessably Wealthy - Collect 10,000,000,000 studs. (Single Player Only).
That's why we need a burglar! - Obtain all Master Burglar titles. (Single Player Only).
Stone Giant Stomp - Complete the Bonus Level.
Quite a merry gathering - Collect all characters. (Single Player Only).
Our Long Forgotten Gold - Collect all Minikits. (Single Player Only).

Gold trophies
Ever "The People's Champion" - Complete all the quests in Middle-earth. (Single Player Only).
The greed of Dwarves - Collect all Mithril Bricks. (Single Player Only).
Unequalled skill of the Dwarves - Forge all the Perfect Mithril Treasure Items. (Single Player Only).
To Be Continued... - Achieve 100% completion.

Platinum trophy
The Road Goes Ever On - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

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