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Bronze trophies
ALLROUNDER - Win a stage of each type (Flat, Hills, Mountain, Time-trial) with the same rider
AVOID RISKS - Win the Tour de France without falling from the bike
BACK-TO-BACK - Win 2 consecutive stages with the same rider
BRITISH PUNCTUALITY - Win the Individual Time-Trial and then beat your time the next time you play
CLIMB LIKE AN ANGEL - Win all the mountain stages of a Tour de France (Tour mode)
DON'T LET ME DOWN - Help a team leader, who has fallen behind, return to the peloton (playing as leader or team-mate)
FAST AS THE WIND - Escape from the peloton, going downhill, and gain a 30 seconds lead
FAST GUY - Win a flat stage with a sprinter
FIRST AND LAST - Win the first and last stages of the Tour de France in Tour mode
FRENCH SKILLS - Win a stage with a team of Expert difficulty
I LIVE IN THE MOUNTAINS - Be first on every mountain sprint during a stage ranked Mountain
IF YOU DON'T TRY YOU CAN'T WIN - Unleash at least 10 attacks during the last climb of a mountain stage
IN CONTROL - Use each of your riders to lead the peloton
JUST FOR FUN - Win any stage
KING OF THE MOUNTAINS - Win the polka-dot jersey
KING OF THE SPRINTS - Win the green jersey
MAN OF HIS WORD - Let a rider who helped you in an alliance win the stage
MASTER MIND - Set up an alliance with the peloton and in a breakaway in the same stage and win the stage
NEVER TOO YOUNG FOR YELLOW - Win the Tour de France with a rider aged 25 or under
NO PREFERENCES - Complete a Tour de France with every team in the game
NOT WITHOUT MY HEADSET - Use all audio communication options
STRONG FINISHER - Win a flat stage with a non-sprinter arriving in the peloton
SURPRISING ATTACKER - Be the first to attack on a stage
THREE IN A ROW - Win 3 consecutive stages with the same rider (Tour mode)
TRAINING COMPLETE - Complete the Tutorial
TV TIME FOR MY SPONSOR - Maintain a solo breakaway for more than 20 km
UNDERDOG - Win the Tour de France with a rider who is not the best ranked rider in his team
USUAL SUSPECTS - Finish in the Top 10 in at least 5 consecutive Tour de France

Silver trophies
ALL FOR MY TEAM-MATES - Win a stage with a rider you don't control by making him attack
ALWAYS ON TIME - Win all the intermediary sprints of the Tour de France (Tour mode)
AMONGST THE GODS - Win at least 2 Tour de France
FROM START TO FINISH - Wear the yellow jersey on all the stages of the Tour de France
NEVER SAY NEVER - Win the Tour de France after clawing back a 10 minute deficit with the leader
THE SMALL TEAMS COUNT TOO - Finish in the top 10 in the General Ranking with a team of Expert difficulty

Gold trophies
ABSOLUTE DOMINATION - Have your team win all the stages of the Tour de France and all 3 leader jerseys
EXPERIENCED PLAYER - Win the Tour de France with a Beginner, Intermediate, Hard and Expert team
SON OF THE CANNIBAL - Win the Yellow, Polka-dot and Green jersey on the same edition with the same
TOUR LEGEND - Win at least 5 Tour de France

Platinum trophy
MR TOUR DE FRANCE - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

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