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Easy energy:
-To refill your energy meter, use your lightning bolt to charge objects that can drain energy such as batteries and light posts. Then, after it is fully charged, drain it. If the object does not explode your energy meter will be refilled.

-Shock a pedestrian, then walk up to them. Lock on, then repeatedly press SQUARE to restore your power.

-After you kill a person, shock their body with your basic lightning bolts that require no energy. Press L2 while they are sparking to absorb the energy and recharge.

Infinite experience:
To gain easy experience, as an Outlaw or Infamous, go to the prison. Take down a SWAT officer, but don't kill him. Instead, use the Healing Touch Triangle move and while he's getting up, take him down again. Repeat to gain experience each time.

Corpse recharge:
To refill your energy meter, kill someone and then shock their body with your basic lightning bolts. While they are sparking, press L2 to absorb the energy and recharge.

Easy experience:
To gain easy experience, inside the Warren, find a Dustmen Conduit which spawns small scorpion-like creatures. Go to a safe spot such as a rooftop where the Conduit will have trouble hitting you with his rocket launcher, and where the creatures cannot get to you. Repeatedly kill the respawning creatures to get easy XP.

Catapult off car:
To catapult off of a car, stand on top its trunk and use thunder attack. The car will blow up launching you very high.

Kessler strategy:
The following are a couple quick hints for staying safe and taking off the most damage. First off, keep moving as standing in place makes you an easy target for mines and earthquake, and you will often get chances to regain energy from the wires. Second, keep your shield up to stay safe from ray attacks and will allow you to concentrate when damage can be done. Also, use your dodge roll to ensure you do not take damage from his blast. If the blast hits you, he will most likely quake immediately after and very close to you. This will only add insult to injury and leave you at near death. If you get caught by a quake, try to run out of the arena. You will be snatched and thrown and suffer no damage from the quake or fall. Later in the fight when Kessler quakes and his echoes appear, try not to worry about them. If you continue to move as advised, they will disappear before getting near. As for his robots, constant moving will keep their grenades at a safe distance and they can be picked off with ease and precision. The best way to damage Kessler is to use your fully upgraded grenades in between his ray attacks. After he completes one shot, drop your shield and throw one in the area he spawns. Note: His spawn points may be a couple feet away from his previous spot if you are standing still in this phase. After one is thrown, immediately raise your shield and repeat. Grenades take off large chunks of health and will put him down rather quickly.

Ulden strategy:
Use the following trick to defeat Ulden without receiving damage (when the bridge is gone). Go to the back left-hand side and hang from the ledge. You can defeat him without taking damage.

Damaging enemies hint:
When being chased by a group of enemies or when there are several enemies nearby, get to the top of a building. Fire some bolts down. They will usually crowd to the closest possible spot to you. Time you jump correctly and drop into the middle of them holding Square. Most of them should die.

Easy experience points:
Use the following trick if you are finding it difficult to unlock all of your powers from only missions. After you have built up your character enough to be somewhat dominant (see recommended skill set below), go into an area where you have not restored electricity to yet. Once there, you can grab the attention of multiple enemies by zapping them. Get the attention of as many enemies as possible and they will all chase after you. Lure them into an alleyway that is narrow, then annihilate them. Use any powers that you have unlocked up to this point to ensure your survival. You may find other battle tactics to be more useful which you can develop and use for yourself, but the battle tactic that listed here is recommended. Note: Once you lure a large group of enemies into an alleyway, throw lightning grenades/bombs at them and use lightning strikes to fry them. Throw the grenades/bombs at enemies that are bunched up together in order to get multiple kills at the same time. The more enemies that you kill at the same instant, the more experience you will get. Once everyone is dead, if there are any wounded enemies that are still alive but are struggling on the ground, use the life leech skill (R1 + Square) to suck the neural electricity out of them. This will restore all of your electricity/energy power so that you can repeat the same tactic. Be careful; when using this strategy watch out for turrets mounted on trucks. They are usually located at intersections and up on the railways. A good way of destroying them is to zap the front of the truck, where the engine is located. The entire truck will explode and it will usually take out the turret as well. It is recommended for you to be pursuing an evil karma state, as the Life Leech will give you bad karma. It is recommended that you build up these skills as much as you can before trying this tactic.

Lightning Strike
Lightning Push to deflect rockets or push enemies away from being too close (not required but recommended)
Lightning Grenades/Bombs
Life Leech
Sniper (can be useful if you would rather just snipe the enemy behind the turret)
Note: Try upgrading all of the skills that reduce damage taken by Cole. Also upgrade the increased electricity absorption rate skill.

Find a Dustmen Conduit in The Warren. They frequently spawn three small scorpion-like creatures that are easily killed. Find a safe location (for example, the top of a roof) where the Conduit cannot shoot you with his rocket launcher and the spawned creatures cannot reach you. Keep attacking the spawned creatures for easy experience.

Easy Good or Evil advancement:
Find the sick citizens on the ground. Heal them to increase your Karma by three points or drain them to decrease it by three points.

Fulfill the following stunts by performing the corresponding tasks:

Crush - Kill an enemy by crushing them with an object.
Sticky Bomb - Kill an enemy by fixing a sticky shock grenade to them.
Highfall - Kill an enemy by making them fall from a high place, usually over a ledge.
Enviro Take Down - Kill an enemy with environmental explosion.
Melee Finisher - Kill an enemy with the last hit of 5 hit melee combo.
Air Strike - Kill an enemy with the Lightning Bolt move while Cole is in the air.
Blast & Bolt - Kill an airborne enemy with the standard Lightning Bolt weapon.
Flying Head Shot - Aim carefully, and take out an airborne enemy with a headshot.
Flying Melee - Kill an airborne enemy with a melee attack.
Unquenchable Thirst - Be like Tony Hawk and transfer to 4 different grinds without touching anything else.
Premature Detonation - Kill an enemy by making a bomb-equipped kamikaze enemy explode near them.
Right Back At Ya - Use the Shockwave move to make enemy kill themselves with a grenade or rocket.
Air Sticky Bomb - Like #3, but kill an airborne enemy by sticking a grenade to them.
Insult To Injury - Stick a grenade to an enemy, but then kill them with another weapon (or melee) before it explodes.
Whack A Mole - Kill a Conduit with the Thunder Drop move.
Suspended Sentence - Kill an airborne enemy with the Thunderstorm move.
Up Close And Personal - Kill 3 Enemies back to back with just the melee. Don’t fire in-between.
Crowd Control - Kill 5 Enemies at once, easier with a grenade.
Splash And Crash - While in the air, Shock an enemy and then hit the same enemy with the Thunder Drop move.
Have A Nice Fall - Kill 3 enemies at once by making them fall from a high place. Again, easier with a grenade.
Ride The Lightning - Kill an enemy with Precision while rail grinding.

Get maximum shards without finding any:
Note: This was done with the evil side. Kill someone in yellow you will be rewarded with shards. After getting killed, you can receive shards again. By doing this you get maximum shards without trying. Note: The trophies for finding shards cannot be unlocked through this method.

Stretched policeman arms:
During the aftermath, go to tunnel where you fight Sasha. There should be a policeman on the turret. Walk towards the policeman and push him towards the wall. His body will move and his arms will stretch.

"AC/DC" trophy hint:
Before you re-establish a circuit at a substation, press L2 to absorb electricity from it. Since it does not run out, you will eventually unlock the trophy. To do this easier, while L2 is held, hold PlayStation Logo and turn off the controller. Cole will keep draining electricity while the controller off. Once you stop draining power the trophy should become unlocked.

"Good..." and "Evil..." trophies hint:
Play through a mission and complete it using actions to unlock either a "Good..." or "Evil..." trophy. Immediately after the mission success message appears, pause game play and choose to abandon the mission. Although you have to repeat that mission, the trophy that you unlocked will still be recorded. When the mission is replayed, use the opposite actions done in your first attempt to unlock the other trophy. By doing this, you will not have to repeat the enter game twice as good and evil.

Sly Cooper easter egg:
Move the camera in for a close-up on Cole's backpack to see the Sly Cooper logo in the lower-right corner, just below the "3".

"Splash and Crash" stunt hint:

Find a reaper in the neon district jump off a building,tower, etc. and use Precision to shoot him anywhere--except the head since it is a 1shot kill. While still in the air, perform a Thunder Drop.

"Slow Dr. Cole" trophy hint:

To unlock the Dr. Cole trophy, you'll need to heal 250 pedestrians. Shock somebody then heal them (in a safe area). Repeat this 250 times.

Charging hint:
Although there are usually plenty of energy sources for you to drain, you sometimes get caught in a tough spot trying to survive at a location dry on energy. When this happens, use your lightning bolt (costs no ENG) to charge a battery, light post, green dumpster, train car, or other drained energy source, then drain it once it is charged. If the object doesn't overload and explode like Zeke's batteries, you will be able to replenish your entire energy meter and have a good place to use your precision shot to take out enemies.


Bronze tophies:
AC/DC - Drain 750 megawatts of power from empire city.
Casey Jones - Take down 25 enemies while riding on a moving train.
Doctor Cole - Heal 250 pedestrians.
Drop Everything - Thunder drop for a total distance of at least 500 meters.
Electric Hobo - Ride the train for 2 kilometers.
Evil Eats - Bad guys never share their food.
Evil Exposure - Bad guys love to be seen.
Evil Intentions - Bad guys can’t say goodbye.
Evil Riot - Bad guys love starting riots.
Evil Sphere - Bad guys always want more power.
Evil Train - Bad guys make it clear who the boss is.
Fish in a Barrel - Kill 50 enemies by using water.
Frequent Flyer - Travel 5 kilometers using static thrusters.
Further Down the Rabbit Hole - Collect all dead drops in the warren.
Get Off My Cloud - Get 100 high fall take downs.
Good Eats - Good guys feed the needy.
Good Exposure - Good guys are heroes to others.
Good Intentions - Good guys work for the greater good.
Good Riot - Good guys stand up and take the heat.
Good Sphere - Good guys put a stop to the madness.
Good Train - Good guys proactively facilitate transportation solutions.
Hotfoot - Travel 25 kilometers while riding the rails.
InFamous Platinum - Collect all trophies.
Junior Geologist - Find 25% of the shards.
Just Scratched the Surface - Collect all dead drops in the neon district.
Member of the Mineral Club - Find 50% of the shards.
Oh, You've Done This Before - Take down 50 enemies by sticking them with a grenade.
Red Baron - Take down 100 enemies while they are airborne.
Road Kill - Take down 25 enemies while riding on the roof of a moving vehicle.
Rockhound - Find 100% of the shards.
Stunt Coordinator - Complete 10 of the stunts on the stunt list.
Stunt Man - Complete any one stunt from the stunt list.
The Hunger - Bio Leech 100 enemies.
True Potential - Purchase every upgrade for a single power.
You're so Sly - Collect all dead drops in the historic district.

Silver trophy
Civic Leader - Take over all territory in the warren.
Community Organizer - Take over all territory in the neon district.
Evil Finish - Beat the game while infamous.
Evil to the Core - Purchase every negative karma upgrade for each power.
Good Finish - Beat the game as a hero.
Goody Two Shoes - Reach full positive karma.
Stunt Master - Complete all of the stunts on the stunt list.
True Hero - Purchase every positive karma upgrade for each power.
Truly Infamous - Reach full negative karma.
Urban Designer - Take over all territory in the historic district.

Gold trophy
Hard Finish - Complete story mode on hard.

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