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Hunted: The Demon's Forge PS3 Cheats

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Unlock Adventure+ mode:
Complete the game to unlock Adventure+ mode. This mode allows you to play a new playthrough with your previously earned crystals and gold,  as well as unlimited arrows, regenerating health and mana, and one hit kills.

Unlock Old School difficulty:
Complete the game to unlock the Old School difficulty.


Bronze trophies

Cashews on The Counter - Complete the Tutorial.
The Iron Triangle - Complete Chapter 1.
Rockstar - Complete Chapter 2.
Kung Fu Graphics - Complete Chapter 3.
Mr. Furious - Complete Chapter 4.
Whatever It Takes - Complete Chapter 5 .
Like Butter - Equip a Rare, or better, quality weapon in both inventory slots.
All That and a Bag of Chips - Obtain an Epic quality weapon.
Don't Cry, Little Dragon - Adventure Mode - Find all Dragon Tears in the game.
Life Support - Adventure Mode - Revive your fallen companion 20 times during the game.
Raise the Not Quite Dead - Adventure Mode - Cooperatively kill 50 levitating enemies.
Ice Queen - Adventure Mode - Cooperatively kill 50 frozen enemies.
You Broke It, They Bought It - Shatter the shields of 50 enemies.
Kaboom - Kill at least 3 enemies with one explosion.
Is Something Burning? - Kill 20 enemies using explosive barrels.
Joined at the Hip - Adventure Mode - Perform a Spell Link with your companion 20 times during the game.
Pump YOU Up - Adventure Mode - Battle Charge your companion 50 times during the game.
God Complex - Create your own Crucible level.
One Man Wolf Pack - Unlock 1st piece of Crucible content.
Dungeon Makeover - Unlock 50% of Crucible content.
LF1M Dungeon Crawl - Complete a 25 room map in Crucible.
Not on My Watch - Kill a fleeing Wargar in the town of Dyfed.
Rampage - Kill 20 Wargar before the crane platform gets to the bottom in the Dungeons of Dyfed.
Catch! - Escape the Collapsing Aqueduct without taking any damage.
Bull in a China Shop - Trick the Minotaur into destroying all the pillars in the Arches of Fire section in Llyr.
Eye for an Eye - Kill an Eye of Annuvin before it can summon reinforcements on the Road to Kala Moor.
Razor Sharp - Kill 15 enemies with the Forest flechette gun on the Road to Kala Moor.
I'll Huff and I'll Puff... - Trick a blind dragon into shooting down the weak tower in the depths of Kala Moor.

Silver trophies
Business of Makin' Sausage - Complete Chapter 6.
Sandy V. - Adventure Mode - Defeat all bosses as E'lara.
Situation - Adventure Mode - Defeat all bosses as Caddoc.
Crystal Clear - Adventure Mode - Collect all possible crystals throughout the game.
It's All a Top Priority - Adventure Mode - Use the Deathstone to communicate with every spirit in the game.
Dungeon Master - Unlock all Crucible content.
Late to the Party - Adventure Mode - Free all bound prisoners throughout the game.

Gold trophies
Gold Finger - Amass 100,000 gold.

Platinum trophy
Hunted: The Demon's Forge - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies

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