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Unlock the following bonuses by performing the corresponding tasks:

Behind the Scenes featurette - Complete the game in Free Play mode.
Hard and Very Hard difficulty settings - Complete the SP story in Free Play mode.
House Of The Dead 4 Special - Complete the game in Free Play mode.


Bronze trophies
ESCAPE - Clear CHAPTER 1 on any difficulty.
LOST - Clear CHAPTER 2 on any difficulty.
EMPTINESS - Clear CHAPTER 3 on any difficulty.
DESPAIR - Clear CHAPTER 4 on any difficulty.
REUNION - Clear CHAPTER 5 on any difficulty.
HOPE - Clear CHAPTER 6 on any difficulty.
EAT THIS!!! - During CHAPTER 1 Boss encounter, throw a grenade and damage JUSTICE.
CUT THE WIRE - During CHAPTER 2, cut the wire and let the enemies fall.
BONUS EXPLORER - Find a secret room.
GET THE BUS - Shoot and destroy the BUS.
WHO'S NEXT? - See the bad ending of HOD4 SP.
FIGHT BEGINS - See the good ending of HOD4 SP.
ANOTHER PANDORA'S BOX - See the true ending of HOD4 SP.

Silver trophies
TOP AGENT - Get RANK 2 or above in Final Result.

Gold trophies
PANDORA'S BOX - See all 4 endings of THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD 4.

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