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Unlockable "My Room" Items:
Unlock the following items in "My Room" by performing the corresponding tasks:

Battleship Statue - Win Battleship while keeping at least 3 of your fleet afloat
Battleship Carpet - Sink all ships in Salvo with 4 turns
Battleship Chair - Sink a ship longer than 3 units without missing
Battleship Clock - Win a game of Battleship with two adjacent ships still afloat
Battleship Coatrack - Hit a ship on your first turn
Battleship Lamp - Win Salvo with submarine still afloat
Battleship Mug - Win a game of Battleship against another person
Battleship Picture - Win 20 games of Battleship
Battleship Pillow - Play Super Weapons and use all weapons in 1 game
Battleship Poster - Sink your opponent’s destroyer first
Battleship Slippers - In Super Weapons, don't fall for a decoy
Boggle Carpet - Uncover 3/4 of the (75%) of the words in Boggle
Boggle Chair - Win Boggle with 20 3-letter words
Boggle Clock - Finish a game of Boggle scoring only 5 letter words
Boggle Coatrack - Spell a 9 letter word in Boggle
Boggle Lamp - Win 10 games of Boggle with portal cubes turned on
Boggle Mug - Win one game of Boggle
Boggle Picture - Win 50 multiplayer games of boggle
Boggle Pillow - Score 10 3-letter words in one round of Boggle
Boggle Poster - Win a total of 5 games of Boggle
Boggle Slippers - Shake the Boggle box for longer than 10 seconds
Boggle Statue - Score 5 6-letter words in one round of Boggle
Connect 4 Carpet - Win Connect 4 with a horizontal line of 7 pieces
Connect 4 Chair - Connect 4 in under 2 Minutes
Connect 4 Clock - Connect 4 in under 30 seconds
Connect 4 Coatrack - Win 50 games of connect 4
Connect 4 Lamp - Win connect 4 by connecting 5
Connect 4 Mug - Win a game of Connect 4
Connect 4 Picture - Win a game of Power Chips by using all of the Power Chips types
Connect 4 Pillow - Draw by filling the Connect 4 grid
Connect 4 Poster - Win 10 games of Connect 4
Connect 4 Slippers - Win 4 single-player Connect 4 games in a row
Connect 4 Statue - Win 5 multiplayer games of Connect 4
Sorry Carpet - Use Sorry! on an opponent within one round of them using Sorry! on your pawn
Sorry Chair - Send two pawns of each color back to the start in one Sorry game
Sorry Clock - Win a Sorry! multiplayer game in under 10 minutes
Sorry Coatrack - Use a yellow slide in Sorry! to send an opponent back to start
Sorry Lamp - Win Sorry! without sending a green pawn back to start
Sorry Mug - Win one game of Sorry!
Sorry Picture - Win at Sorry! after moving one pawn of each color back to the start
Sorry Pillow - Finish Sorry! without sending any of one teams pawns back to start
Sorry Poster - Win 5 multiplayer games of Sorry!
Sorry Slider Chair - Knock out 1 pawn of each color with 1 slide
Sorry Sliders Carpet - Win Sorry! sliders without sending any blue pawns home
Sorry Sliders Clock - Win Sorry! sliders in under 5 minutes
Sorry Sliders Coatrack - Win a game of Sorry! Sliders without falling into the instant sorry target hole
Sorry Sliders Lamp - Knock 4 pawns of the same color out in one game of Sorry! Sliders
Sorry Sliders Mug - Finish a game of battle boxes without collecting any power ups
Sorry Sliders Picture - Win 20 games at SorrySliders!
Sorry Sliders Pillow - Finish a game of Sorry! sliders having used all the power ups
Sorry Sliders Poster - Win a game of Sorry! sliders without being sent back to start
Sorry Sliders Slippers - Play Sorry Sliders for a total time of 1 hour
Sorry Sliders Statue - Use the Sorry! sliders ice pawn 10 times
Sorry Slippers - Use all sorry bonus cards in 1 game
Sorry Statue - Send an opponent's pawn back to the start in sorry!
Yahtzee Carpet - Roll a small straight starting with 1
Yahtzee Chair - Roll a full house with only 1's and 2's
Yahtzee Clock - Roll a large straight ending on a 6
Yahtzee Coatrack - Roll a Yahtzee with all sixes
Yahtzee Lamp - Play Yahtzee for over an hour total
Yahtzee Mug - Win one game of Yahtzee against a friend
Yahtzee Picture - Win 50 games of Yahtzee
Yahtzee Pillow - Fill a chance category with a score higher than 24
Yahtzee Poster - Win 5 games against a friend
Yahtzee Slippers - Shake Yahtzee dice more than 10 seconds
Yahtzee Statue - Roll 3 Yahtzees in one game


Bronze trophies
Beginners Luck - Score a hit on your first turn.
Destroyed - Sink your opponent's destroyer before any other ship.
Boggle Beginner - Win a game of Boggle.
I Call Fives - Complete a game using only 5-letter words.
Power Chip Collector - Win a game of Connect 4 using all of the Power Chip types at least once.
Grid Lock - Complete a game with a draw by filling the whole board.
Sorry! Starter - Win one game of Sorry!
Rainbow Dancing - Win a game of Sorry! after moving one pawn from each team back to the start zone.
Fast Sliding - Win at Sorry! Sliders in under 5 minutes.
Novice Slider - Win one game of Sorry! Sliders.
Get Connected - Played any game online.
Changing Rooms - Customised the Family Game Room.

Silver trophies
Iron Bottom Sound - Sink all of your opponent's ships in Salvo within 4 turns.
Make Every Shot Count - Sunk a ship longer than 3 units without missing in Battleship.
Portal Pro - Win 10 games of Boggle with Portal Cubes turned on.
The Mighty 8 - Spelled an 8-letter word in Boggle.
Cleverly Connected - Win a total of 10 games of Connect 4.
Perfection - Win 4 single player rounds of Connect 4 in a row!
All Out Offensive - Moved 2 pawns from every opposing team back to the start in one game.
Friendly Competition - Win a total of 5 games of Sorry!
Ice Man - Used the Ice Pawn 10 times.
Slider Shark - Win 20 games of Sorry! Sliders.
Professional Player - Play for 3 hours.

Gold trophies
Sea Commander - Win 20 games of Battleship.
Mind Boggling - Win 50 multiplayer games of Boggle.
Connect 4 Master - Win 50 games of Connect 4.
Master of the Cards - Used all the Sorry! Bonus cards in one game.
Slide Time - Played Sorry! Sliders for over an hour.
Full House - Win all the trophies for Connect 4, Boggle, Battleship, Sorry! and Sorry! Sliders.

Platinum trophy
Games Master - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

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