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Unlock Castle Gates:
To unlock the Castle Gates multiplayer dueling area, go to the rewards menu and enter RIGHT, RIGHT, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, START.

Hogwarts crest rewards:

Collect the following amounts of Hogwarts Crests to unlock the corresponding bonuses:

3 hogwarts crests - Two Player Dueling Pack 1: Draco and Luna
8 Hogwarts crests - More health in duels
14 hogwarts crests - Two Player Dueling Pack 2: Training Ground Dueling Arena
21 hogwarts crests - Dungbombs in prank boxes around Hogwarts
29 hogwarts crests - Two Player Dueling Pack 2: Crabbe and Goyle
38 hogwarts crests - Score boost in flying events
48 hogwarts crests - Exploding Cauldrons in prank boxes around Hogwarts
59 hogwarts crests - Two Player Dueling Pack 4: The Transfiguration Dueling Arena
71 hogwarts crests - Even more health in duels
84 hogwarts crests - Two Player Dueling Pack 5: Ginny and Hermione
98 hogwarts crests - Love Potion in Potions Club
113 hogwarts crests - Two Player Dueling Pack 4: Paved Courtyard Dueling Arena
129 hogwarts crests - More mini-crests with each cast

Easy duels:

Cast Levi Corpus or Petrificus Totalus, then charge your Stupefy until it chimes twice and release it. This will result in a one hit kill. This does not work for Fenrir Greyback.

Locked gate shields:

When there is a shield behind a locked gate, use Wingardium Leviosa and hit it into a wall to break the shield. Pick up the pieces, then repair them and you will have a shield.

Easy Mini-Crests:
You can get a large amount of Mini-Crests when you have used the Luck Potion and are making your way to Herbology. At this point, every time you use Diffindo to get the Mini-Crests to appear, you will get the full amount of Mini-Crests available, due to your luck. Get as many as possible at this point to help reach the 25,000 pieces goal.

Knocking down crests:
Find the crest you want to knock down and cast Wingardium Leviosa on the object you want to use to knock it down. Note: This object can be anywhere and does not have to be in throwing range of the crest. Using either a Dung-bomb or an Exploding Cauldron is recommended. Once the object is in the air, hold [Run]. You can now walk around the castle and grounds while still carrying the object in the air. Make sure that you keep [Run] held until you get to where the crest is located. Note: During this time Harry will not run fast. Throw that object at the crest to knock it down.

The match hint:
Playing match is pretty easy. You must fly through all the stars in the sky to catch the snitch. Passing all stars is not required if the star's color is going from red to light. This means that your time is coming to an end, so try to pass through most of the stars in the sky.

Fights and duels:
-To easily win pretty much any fight or duel,cast Levi Corpus or Petrificus Totalus. Then just charge your Stupefy until it chimes twice, then release it. It will result in a one hit victory until later in the game, then it will require two. Note: This does not work on Fenrir Greyback.

-Use the following combo to easily defeat any enemy. Use Expelliarmus to knock them down, then charge up your Stupefy. While getting it charged, walk next to your dueling opponent and fire your charged Stupefy for a one hit kill. This trick can give you 5 stars for the challenge very easily.

Crest roundup hint:
You can find extra Crests after completing Harry Potter's adventure. At some places in Hogwarts you can find firework boxes. Burn these with Incendio to make them explode. A broken Crest will pop out. Repair it with Reparo and pick it up. (For instance, check out the box nearby the duel club of Hufflepuf)


Bronze trophies

Combo Flyer Badge - Earn the combo flyer badge.
Crest Collector 1 - Complete crest collector level 1.
Crest Collector 11 - Complete crest collector level 11.
Crest Collector 12 - Complete crest collector level 12.
Crest Collector 13 - Complete crest collector level 13.
Crest Collector 2 - Complete crest collector level 2.
Crest Collector 3 - Complete crest collector level 3.
Crest Collector 4 - Complete crest collector level 4.
Crest Collector 6 - Complete crest collector level 6.
Crest Collector 7 - Complete crest collector level 7.
Crest Collector 8 - Complete crest collector level 8.
Crest Collector 9 - Complete crest collector level 9.
Duelling Beginner - Earn the duelling beginner's luck badge.
Duelling Champion - Earn the duelling club champion badge.
Duelling Veteran - Earn the duelling veteran badge.
Good Deed - Help the student retrieve her stolen gobstone.
Great Mate - Help ron avoid lavender.
Great Party - Create a great christmas party for slughorn.
Grime Buster - Clean up after fred and george at the burrow.
Keen Flyer Badge - Earn the keen flyer badge.
Portrait Novice    - Use your first portrait shortcut.
Potions Beginner's Luck Badge - Earn the potions beginner's luck badge.
Potions Club Star - Earn the potions club star badge.
Potions Club Veteran - Earn the potions club veteran badge.
Precision Flyer Badge - Earn the precision flyer badge.
Quidditch Beginner - Earn the quidditch beginner's luck badge.
Reflex Badge - Earn the reflex badge.
Speedy Brewer Badge - Earn the speedy brewer badge.
Used the Pensieve - View dumbledore's first memory of tom riddle in the pensieve.
Escaped the Cave - Escape the cave.
Mystery Solved - Retrieve slughorn's missing memory.
Quidditch Champion - Win the quidditch cup.
The Burrow Defender - Protect The burrow.

Silver trophies
Crest Collector 10 - Complete crest collector level 10.
Crest Collector 14 - Complete crest collector level 14.
Crest Collector 5 - Complete crest collector level 5.
Hidden the Book - Hide the half-blood prince's potions book.
Portrait Pro - Use all of the portrait shortcuts.
Quidditch Captain - Assemble the gryffindor quidditch team.

Gold trophies
Adventure completed - Conclude the adventure.
Master Duellist Badge - Earned the master duellist badge.
Master of Flying - Earn the master of flying badge.
Master Potioneer - Earn the paster potioneer badge.

Platinum trophy
Platinum trophy - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

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