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Guitar Hero World Tour (Complete Guitar Game) PS3 Cheats

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Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding sequence of buttons at "Main Menu" > "Options" > "Cheats":

Air Instruments - red, red, blue, yellow, green, green, green, yellow
Always Slide - green, green, red, red, yellow, red, yellow, blue
AT&T Ball Park - yellow, green, red, red, green, blue, red, yellow
Auto Kick - yellow, green, red, blue, blue, blue, blue, red
Extra Line 6 Tones - green, red, yellow, blue, red, yellow, blue, green
Flame Colors - green, red, green, blue, red, red, yellow, blue
Gem Colors - blue, red, red, green, red, green, red, yellow
Hyper Speed - green, blue, red, yellow, yellow, red, green, green
Invisible Rocker - green, red, yellow, yellow, yellow, blue, blue, green
Performance Mode - yellow, yellow, blue, red, blue, green, red, red
Star Colors - red, red, yellow, red, blue, red, red, blue
Unlock Aaron Steele - blue, red, yellow, yellow, yellow, yellow, yellow, green
Unlock All Quick Play Songs - blue, blue, red, green, green, blue, blue, yellow
Unlock Johnny Viper - blue, red, blue, blue, yellow, yellow, yellow, green
Unlock Nick - green, red, blue, green, red, blue, blue, green
Unlock Rina - blue, red, green, green, yellow, yellow, yellow, green
Vocal Fireball - red, green, green, yellow, blue, green, yellow, green

Unlock "Pull Me Under" song:
Complete a career for any instrument on any difficulty to unlock the credit song "Pull Me Under".

Unlockable characters:
Unlock the following characters for purchase by performing the corresponding tasks:

Billy Corgan - Play the song 'today' in the band career.
Hayley Williams - Play the song 'misery business' in the vocals career.
Ozzy Osbourne - Play the ozzfest gig in the vocals career.
Rockubot - Complete the drum career.
Skeleton - Complete the vocals career.
Sting - Play the song 'demolition man' in the bass career.
Ted Nugent - Beat his guitar battle in the guitar career.
Travis Barker - Play the song 'dammit' in the drum career.
Zakk Wylde - Beat his guitar battle in the guitar career.

Easy vocals:
Turn the volume up so that the microphone picks up the in-game vocals. You should get 100% on every song.

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