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GTA Online: Play in North Yankton:
While offline, play the "Prologue" mission from the "Missions" menu. Proceed until you exit the vault heist and the police arrive. Pause game play, then have a friend invite you into a Grand Theft Online multiplayer session. North Yankton will now appear on the Grand Theft Auto Online map, floating over the southeast area of the map. You can use a helicopter to reach it.

Armored Truck content hint:
Steal an armored truck and escape from police, then drive the truck back to the garage without opening it to take the contents. Once you park it in your garage, save the game and then load your save. The truck should be in your garage and you can blow open the back doors to retrieve the contents. Then, simply load your save again and repeat the process as often as desired as long as you leave the truck in the garage.

Free bulletproof tires upgrade:
At least two people are required for this, with one of them being able to get the mission from Lester called "Cops Capacity". In this mission you will get a Vapid Dominator with bulletproof tires. Complete the objective until you must drive to his compound to end the mission. Allow the other player to get there alone, while you remain seated in the Dominator. When the mission ends and the game resumes, you will still be in the Dominator. Drive it to a garage and place a tracker and insurance on the car and it is yours, with a free bulletproof tires upgrade.

Rank Unlockables:
Reach the following ranks in GTA Online to unlock the corresponding bonuses:

Rank 1 - Combat Shotgun, Pistol
Rank 2 - Pistol Clips, Stunt Jumps
Rank 3 - Car Mod Shop, Hold Ups, One-On-One Deathmatch, Pegasus, Shooting Range, Shops
Rank 4 - Pistol Flashlight
Rank 5 - Garages, Micro SMG, Movies, Personal Vehice Delivery, Pistol Supressor
Rank 6 - Arm Wrestling, Bumpers (Custom Chin Spoiler), Darks, Golf, Strip Club, Tennis
Rank 8 - Bumpers (Painted Rear Bumper), Import/Export, Windows (Light Smoke)
Rank 9 - Combat Pistol, Combat Pistol Extended Clip, Exhaust (Chrome Tip)
Rank 10 - Auto Armor 20%, Bounties
Rank 11 - Combat Pistol Supressor, Parachutes (Blue), Parachuting, SMG
Rank 12 - Merryweather Crate Drop
Rank 13 - Ammo Drop
Rank 15 - Grenade, Grill (Painted Light Surroundings), Parachutes (Black Smoke Trails), SMG Supressor, Survival
Rank 16 - Parachutes (Red)
Rank 17 - Bull Shark Testosterone, Pump Shotgun, Suspension (Lowered)
Rank 18 - Gang Attacks, Parachutes (Yellow Smoke Trails)
Rank 19 - Armored Truck, Sticky Bomb
Rank 20 - Back-Up Helicopter, Gas Can, Wheels (Bulletproof)
Rank 21 - Bumpers (Painted And Chin Spoiler), Lights (Xenon Lights), Remove Wanted Level, Sniper Rifle
Rank 23 - Hood (Ram Air), Parachutes (Seaside Stripes)
Rank 24 - Assault Rifle, Parachutes (Orange Smoke Trails)
Rank 25 - Boat Pick-Up, Explosives (Ignition Bomb)
Rank 26 - Roll Cage (Stunt Cage)
Rank 27 - Parachutes (Red Smoke Trail)
Rank 28 - Parachutes (Hornet)
Rank 29 - Assault SMG
Rank 30 - Auto Armor 40%, Exhaust (Big Bore), Helicopter Pick-Up
Rank 31 - Windows (Dark Smoke)
Rank 32 - Parachutes (Patriot)
Rank 33 - AP Pistol, Hood (Carbon Hood)
Rank 35 - Send Mercenaries
Rank 36 - Suspension (Street)
Rank 37 - Assault Shotgun
Rank 38 - Parachutes (Widowmaker)
Rank 40 - Off The Radar, Reveal Players
Rank 41 - Hood (Triple Intake)
Rank 42 - Carbine Rifle
Rank 44 - Parachutes (Rainbow)
Rank 45 - Bumpers (Painted and Large Splitter)
Rank 49 - Windows (Limo)
Rank 50 - Airstrike, Auto Armor 60%, Explosives (Remote Bomb), MG, Mugger
Rank 52 - Exhaust (Side Exit)
Rank 53 - Hood (Single Intake)
Rank 56 - Parachutes (Black), Suspension (Sport)
Rank 60 - Grenade Launcher
Rank 64 - Bumpers (Extended Chin Spoiler)
Rank 70 - Advanced Rifle
Rank 71 - Suspension (Competition)
Rank 80 - Auto Armor 80%, Combat MG
Rank 90 - Heavy Sniper Rifle
Rank 100 - Auto Armor 100%, RPG
Rank 120 - Mini-gun

Fast traveling hint:

To travel to a location across the map quickly, choose a race that is nearby to where you want to go. Then, go to the race, enter the lobby, and drop out of it. You will then spawn at the start of the race location in free roam mode.

Lower wanted level:

Using a mask before committing a crime will allow you to easily lose one star from your wanted level once the police start chasing you. Wait until the cops cannot see you after the crime has been committed and they are pursuing you, then take off the mask. One wanted level star should immediately disappear. However, it will not have an effect if you only have one wanted level star.

Easy robberies and XP:
Go into the restricted area at the Los Santos International Airport through the fence (jump it or drive through it), near the flight school to find three helicopters. Use the helicopters to escape the police after robbing stores, but make sure the helicopter is not parked where the cashier can shoot you. Robbing and escaping the cops will also earn you easy XP. You will usually get from $1,000 to $8,000 for each robbery.

Easy money hints:
-Create an invite only game session,  go to any store, and rob it. Punch the clerk so they all run off, then take all the money in the cash register. After that, enter the Start menu and go to PlayStation Store as if you were going to buy in-game money. Once PlayStation Store loads, exit it and you will spawn back in the same store at the exact same spot, except the world will have refreshed. You can then attack the clerk again and take the money from the cash register. Repeat this process as many times as desired. You can get about $100K an hour using this glitch.

-To make easy money at the start of GTA Online without alerting the police, steal a good common car in Vinewood. Once done, go to a Los Santos Customs car shop. You can sell stolen cars to car shops, although most car shops will not accept luxury sports carst. You will get about $9,000 to $10,000 for a good common car that does not have significant damage. After earning some money, deposit it at an ATM to avoid potentially losing it to other players or if you die. Once you are satisfied, buy some body armor and weapon customization to do heists and robberies to earn more money. It is recommended you buy a silencer for your weapon when you have enough money so you can avoid heat from the cops.

-When you reach Level 45, the "Mixed Up With Coke" mission will be unlocked. The earnings for completing this mission are $18,000 and 3,500 RP. It can take more than 15 minutes to complete the mission the first few times, but once you figure it out, it can be completed with three other players in less than two minutes. Note: One player will need to be at Level 45 to access the mission, as well as one player at Level 19 or higher and two players at Level 9 or higher to do the mission.

-Whenyou reach Level 75, the "Rooftop Rumble" mission will be unlocked from a guy named Martin Madrazo (leader of a Mexican narcotic gang in the Los Santos area). To complete the mission, you just have to kill five people. It is possible to earn up to $2 million and 400K RP per hour by repeatedly completing the mission. Note: You can also do the mission if you are at a lower level and get invited by someone at Level 75 or higher. If you are at a lower level, make sure to use sticky bombs instead of the grenade launcher, and kill any survivors with a rifle.

Job hopping hint:

A great defense against cash-drain during money farming is to stay altogether outside the open world and jump from Job to Job as fast as possible. Dying during Jobs only costs you hospital fees (you won't drop your money like in free mode), and since Jobs are already the best way to farm money early on, you'll get rich simply following the flow of a group Playlist while farming.

Duplicating vehicles glitch:
This glitch allows you to duplicate another player's vehicle, which you can then either keep or sell . First, request a job from Gerald while you are in another player's vehicle. Use the other player's vehicle for the mission, and make sure you are driving it when the mission ends. You should then enter free roam mode, and still be in the vehicle. You can then go to Los Santos Customs and try selling the vehicle. If you cannot sell it at that point, add a tracker to it and try going back later to sell it. If you want to keep it, add a tracker to it and insure it.

Fast money and RP hint:
To farm jobs repeatedly (even after the latest title update), hit Like on the mission after completing it and have everyone in the game hit RT (360) or R2 (PS3). The words Restart will appear in the final column befroe the mission begins again. Players can do this infinitely, getting money and RP each time. This works better with Jobs that can be repeated quickly, such as Violent Duct Job. Note that if you exit the mission entirely, you may be locked out of it for a duration of time, preventing you from restarting it. Make sure to only quit out of the mission after you are satisfied with the money you have made thus far.

John Marston as your father:
Press TRIANGLE  when prompted at the bottom right corner during character creation to have a "Special Dad" replace your currently displayed father, John Marston from Red Dead Redemption. Note: This may require a saved game file from Red Dead Redemption

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