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God of War II: Unlockables:
Unlock the following bonuses in God of War II by performing the corresponding tasks:

Challenge of the Titans - Successfully complete the game.
Arena of the Fates - Earn the rank of Titan in Challenge Mode.
Titan difficulty - Successfully complete the game.
Urns of Power - Successfully complete the game.

God of War: Completion Bonuses:
Unlock the following bonuses in God of War by Successfully completing the game:

Challenge of the Gods
Character Graveyard
Deleted Levels
God Mode
Heroic Possibilities
Hydra Armor
In-Game Movies
Monsters of Myth
The Birth of the Beast
The Fate of the Titans
Beat the game on God Mode difficulty.
Visions of Ancient Greece

God of War II: Unlockable Costumes:
Unlock the following costumes in God of War II by performing the corresponding tasks:

Costume 1 - Successfully complete the game.
Costume 2 - Successfully complete the game.
Costume 3 - Successfully complete the game on God Mode.
Costume 4 - Successfully complete the game on Titan mode.
Costume 5 - Successfully complete the game on Titan mode.
Costume 6 - Collect 20 Cyclops Eyes in the main game.
Costume 7 - Receive the God ranking in Challenge mode.
Athena Costume - Successfully complete the game on Titan mode.

God of War II: High Definition Mode:
To unlock High Definition mode in God of War II, simultaneously press L1, L2, L3, CIRCLE and SQUARE.

God of War: Free Experience Orbs:
To get free red orbs, after you beat the first level and appear on the ship with the two topless girls, press CIRCLE to jump onto the bed. A mini-game will start. Beat the mini-game to be given red orbs.

God of War: Secret phone numbers easter egg:
-After defeating Ares, you will enter Olympus and approach your throne as the new god of war. There are two statues at the foot of your throne; statue of Ares and the huge undead minotaur. Hack and slash at both statues until they break. After breaking them both, a message will appear. It is phone number; call it and hear what happens: 1-800-613-8840

-Completing the game on God Mode unlocks an additional number (in Extras) with a unique message from the K-man himself: 1-888-447-5594

Note: Both of these numbers still work as of 2/25/2009!

God of War II: The Urn of Olympus hint:
After acquiring the Spear of Destiny, grab the Statue of Fate (time slowing) and push it down the stairs. From there, push it to the edge of the water from the pathway you came. Then, get to the other side of the path by running and swimming through the water. At the other side, slow time (L1 + R1) while making sure that you're in a straight line from the statue so you can activate the slowing of the time. Once the time is slown down, hurry up and backtrack to the large button floor, cross the water that is in the way by grappling it using R1. When you reach the button floor, head through the door and gather your treasures, of that including the Urn of Olympus.

God of War II: Amulet of the Fates/Outer Garden battle hint:
Do the following to avoid damage while dealing it in the Outer Gardens battle. When you reach the scene with the Fate Statue and behead it, wraiths and bats will attack you in the Outer Gardens. Skip all of them without attacking, evade damage, and with a powerful combo (or Rage enabled) smash them and the statue head blocking the exit. The head will disappear, leaving your path free and with no enemies to follow Kratos. If you were damaged while escaping, heal with the chest on the other side. If you don't want to keep fighting the enemies, leave them behind. If you still want blood and gore, return to the "bridge" side of the door. Cross into the actual Gardens room and you're free game, so be aware. Make powerful short-range attacks and most of the enemies won't get any hits through to you. Note: A wraith might try it's underground attack from the other side of the door, but you can still dodge it and it will return to the other side of the doorway while you remain safe.

God of War II: The Urn of Gaia hint:
The Urn of Gaia is located on the Colossus level, just before you see the Colossus' eye through the window. Its at the first block moving puzzle where there are a series of rooms and metal doors you must open. First, destroy the statue on top of the moving block. Then, when you get into the next room where there are doors on all sides of you, go into the room on your right while pushing the block. Push it all the way down the hall and then jump on top of it to access 2 blood chests and the Urn of Gaia.

God of War: Max out Kratos early:
When you first get Medusa's Gaze and must kill all the minotaurs, refuse the tutorial and instead cast Poisiden's Rage over and over. Kratos will have infinite magic in this "training" room since the game expects you to learn the Medusa gaze attack. With the respawning enemies, magic, and Poseidon Rage, you can rack up massive combos and gain enough XP to max out Kratos early. Note: Be sure to stock 25 to 30 thousand more XP than you need at that time so you can max out your weapons, magics, and skills later on.

God of War: Moving faster:
You can make Kratos move faster by rolling forward (press the Right Analog Stick forward) and cancelling the end of the roll with a Hermes Rush shoulder charge (press R1 when you've leveled up your Blades of Chaos). Repeatedly roll and shoulder charge to move forward at a much faster pace than Kratos' normal running speed.

"God of War" trophies:

Bronze trophies
1.21 Gigawatts - Get Poseidon's Rage.
Rocking Out - Get Medusa's Gaze.
Bolt Action - Get Zeus' Fury.
Sword Man - Get Blade of Artemis.
Soul Search - Get Army of Hades.
Matador - Win the first Minotaur fight.
Scape Goat - Win the first Satyr fight.
Roll Over ... and Die - Win the first Cerberus fight.
Don't They Ever Shut Up! - Defeat the Desert Sirens.
Beat a Dead Horse - Complete the Centaur sacrifice to Hades.
Kickboxer - Complete the Spike Room Box Puzzle.
Rockin' the Boat - Complete the Sex Mini-Game.
Don't Leave Her Hanging - Rescue the Oracle with 10 seconds to spare.
Get the Ball Rolling - Complete the Challenge of Atlas.
Totally Baked - Complete the Human sacrifice.
Splash - Kiss the Nyad.
Get Me a Beer Kid - Free yourself from the depths of Hades.
Zero Health = Bronze Trophy - Open a Health Chest while your health meter is full.
Hitman - Get a 100 Hits Combo.
Getting My Ass Kicked - Die enough times to get offered Easy Mode.

Silver trophies
Kratos' Marble Collection - Collect all the Gorgon Eyes.
Stick it in Your Cap! - Collect all Phoenix Feathers.
It's the HUGE One - Retrieve the Captain's Key.
Take the Bull by the Horns - Defeat Pandora's Guardian.
God Killer - Kill Ares.
Head Hunter - Obtain the head of the Architect's wife.
The Power to Kill a God - Retrieve Pandora's Box.
Hitman 2 - Get a 200 Hits Combo.
Legend of the Twins - Watch the 'Birth of the Beast' Treasure.
Seeing Red - Max out all Weapons and Magic.

Gold trophies
Prepare to be a God - Beat the Game on any Difficulty.
You Got the Touch! - Climb the Spiked Column in Hades without taking damage.
I'll Take the Physical Challenge - Complete the Challenge of the Gods.
Speed of Jason McDonald - Beat the game in under 5 hours on any Difficulty.
Key to Success - Collect all of the Muse Keys.

Platinum trophy
Trophy of Zeus - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

"God of War II" trophies:

Bronze trophies
Breaking Wind - Get Typhon's Bane.
Big, Tuff, Buff and Rough - Get Rage of the Titans.
Blue Balls - Get Cronos' Rage.
Shiner - Get the Golden Fleece.
Rock their World - Get the Head of Euryale.
Learning to Fly - Get the Icarus Wings.
Shaky Ground - Get Atlas Quake.
Death from Above 2009 - Defeat the Dark Rider for the first time.
Resurrection - Climb from the pit of Hades.
Rock Hard - Defeat the Titan Minotaur inside Atlas.
Pick'n on the Little Guy - Win the battle outside of the Palace of the Fates.
Watcha Got on the Hot Plate? - Solve the riddle of the Fire Phoenix Statue.
Whip it Good - Whip the Steeds of Time.
Lift with Your Knees - Topple the Temple in the Bog of the Forgotten.
Swinger - Cross the collapsing Grapple Bridge.
Stoner - Stone and Shatter 30 Enemies.
Super Sized - Get a 500 Hits Combo.
Hitting Your Stride - Power up any item.

Silver trophies
Eye Can't Believe it - Collect all the Gorgon Eyes.
Go Make a Pillow! - Collect all the Phoenix Feathers.
Eye Sore - Collect 20 Cyclops Eyes.
Boss Batch 1 - Kill the Colossus of Rhodes, the Dark Rider, and Theseus.
Boss Batch 2 - Kill the Barbarian King, Euryale, and Perseus.
Boss Batch 3 - Kill the Kraken and all three Sisters of Fate.
Daddy Issues - Defeat Zeus.
Rise and SHINE - Awaken the Phoenix.
Spread 'Em - Open the wings of the Temple of the Fates.
Shine King - Open the door to the Temple of Euryale.
Blowin' Your Wad - Max out all Weapons and Magic.

Gold trophies
The End Begins - Beat the game.
Feel the Urn - Collect and use at least 2 Urns of Power.
Bleeding Thumbs - Beat the Challenge of the Titans.
15 Min Fight Scene - Battle your way to the Loom Chamber in under 10 minutes.
You Know the Germans Make Good Stuff... - Collect all Uber Chests.

Platinum trophy
Trophy of Gaia - Earn all Bronze, Silver and Gold trophies.

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