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Cheat Codes:
Unlock the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes by pausing the game and going to "Options" > "Bonus Codes".

Camo Helmet - "48992519"
Mudhog Lightning Bold livery - "
Sludgeray Butterfly livery -
Road Addict Jacket  - "
Speed Angel Trousers  - "91031985"
Warrior Buggy - "18041851"

Easier Challenges:
Immediately after a challenge begins, go to the menu and switch to a faster vehicle or one that is more suited for the terrain. You can only do this once; the chosen vehicle will be the one you use for the rest of the game.

Easy fuel hint:
Go to the northeast corner of the map. Note: You might have to look for some of the fuel. After knocking over all of the barrels, continue northeast until you respawn. More fuel will be there in the same location.

Sonic The Hedgehog easter egg:
There is a place called Blue Hedgehog Forests that can be seen on the map at the pause menu. This is a reference to Sonic, who is a blue hedgehog.

"Sand to Stone" and "Salt over Snow" trophies hint:
To get the "Sand to Stone" trophy, in free ride, go from White Flats Camp to Pinwheels Ridge Camp without resorting to the chopper. To get the "Salt over Snow" trophy, in free ride, go from Tsunami Reef Camp to Redrock Bluffs Camp without resorting to the chopper. You must not teleport directly from one camp to another. However, you can teleport to a previous Vista Point/Livery and still get the trophy.


Bronze trophies
A Prophet In His Own Country - Finish in 1st place on 10 online custom races you created.
A Stroll in the Park - Drive 62 mi (100 km) in free ride mode.
Black Gold Tycoon - Collect 500 oil drums on the field.
Blind Man's Buff - Complete a career race ranked 1st without GPS.
Born Under a Lucky Star - Win your first star in career mode.
DIY - Create a race using the race editor.
Gear Buff - Win 48 pieces of gear for the pilot in career mode.
Gear Lover - Win 24 pieces of gear for the pilot in career mode.
Hello, World! - In free ride, go from offshore shack camp to tsunami reef camp without going to the chopper.
Here Comes a New Challenger! - Win a challenge.
Hobbyist Challenger - Win 30 challenges.
Hobbyist Collector - Own 10 vehicles.
Hobbyist Painter - Collect 50 vehicle liveries.
Hobbyist Sightseer - Find and contemplate 10 vista points.
Hobbyist Stargazer - Win 40 stars in career mode.
Humble Beginnings - Win all three stars on ‘riders on the storm’.
Natural selection - Finish in 1st place in 30 online career races.
Newton Was Right, After All! - Fall 150 meters.
Oil Rig - Collect 100 oil drums on the field.
Oil Strike - Collect your 1st oil drum.
One of Each, Please! - Own at least one vehicle of each type.
Open Your Eyes - Find and contemplate a vista point.
Path to Glory - Win the three stars on 'twisted minds'.
Regular Collector - Own 40 vehicles.
Regular Painter - Collect 100 vehicle liveries.
Regular Sightseer - Find and contemplate 50 vista points.
Rocket Science - Travel 80 meters in a single jump.
Safari Adept - Drive 310 mi (500 km) in free ride mode.
Salt Over Snow - In free ride, go from white flats camp to pinwheels ridge camp without going to the chopper.
Sand to Stone - In free ride, go from tsunami reef camp to redrock bluffs camp without going to the chopper.
Squadala, We're Off! - Use heliports 100 times.
Under the Limelight - Win the three stars on ‘all’s well that ends well’.
Underground Brotherhood - Complete 30 online custom races that were not created by you.
Wriggling About - Perform 200 tricks.

Silver trophies
All your camps belong to us! - Unlock the 19 camps for great justice.
Obsessional Collector - Own all 74 vehicles.
Obsessional Sightseer - Find and contemplate all 95 vista points.
Regular Stargazer - Win 120 stars in career mode.
Regular Challenger - Win 100 challenges.
Obsessional Painter - Collect 148 vehicle liveries.
Gear freak - Win 72 pieces of pilot gear in career mode.
Globetrotter - Drive 620 mi (1000 km) in free ride mode.
'Tis but a scratch! - Finish 1st in a career race without destroying your vehicle.

Gold trophies
Obsessional Stargazer - Win all 216 stars in career mode.
Obsessional Challenger - Win all 190 challenges.

Platinum trophy
Platinum - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

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