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Item duplication:
To duplicate items, equip the W-Item Materia, and enter battle. Use the W-Item command and select the first item you want to use. Then choose your second item but do not use it. Press X to cancel it. Select it again and make the cursor appear then cancel. The quantity of the first item will increase by one every time this is done.

Fast materia level-ups:
Go to the Northern cave and look for mole-like creatures with a star above their heads, holding a knife and a lantern. Steal an elixir from them and run away, then look for these small creatures in a floating pot. They will say "Gimme' an elixer". Give them one, then kill it. Each one killed will give you 1,000 AP. You cannot kill them unless you give them an elixer.

Curse Ring hint:
While in Mideel, before it is destroyed, go to the weapons shop and check the door in the back (the one that does not open.) Then, go to the shop on the hill with the man on the balcony. Walk behind him along the part of the balcony on the side of the shop until you here a rattling sound. Check the spot and you will get a key. Use the key on the door and it will break off. The owner will ask what happened. Tell the truth and he will give you the curse ring. If you lie, he will not give it to you. The Curse Ring raises all of your stats but puts the character on death sentence, which can be countered with a Phoenix Down.

Racing trophy hint:
When racing S-class in the Gold Saucer, you may notice many keen items you can't ever seem to get. Well, it is possible to get them all at once. Simply win 15-20 races in a row and Ester will say "I've never seen anyone win so much in S-class before!" She will then give you one of each item, including the coveted Cat's Bell! This trick only works once, though.

Special battle hint:
To reach the URA battle (special battle) in the Battle Arena, first gain 64000 battle points and purchase the W-Summon materia. Then, get 32,000 battle points and buy Cloud's level 4 limit, Omnislash. Equip Omnislash and speak with the lady at the counter in the battle arena, and she will ask you if you want to participate in a special battle. Defeat all 8 enemies and get the Final attack materia. Note: You must have your Ultimate Weapon equipped to fight in the special battle.

Special scene:
After Cloud rejoins your party, visit the Shinra Mansions Basement again in Nimbelheim and enter the library. Cloud will suddenly flash back to a secret cinematic scene showing how Cloud ended up with his friend Zack's sword.

Time Attack Contest hint:
At the Golden Saucer's Wonder Square, there is a snowboard game. If you get a decent rating on the beginner, expert, and crazy course, the next time you play there you will see a yellow balloon. Grab it and you will enter time attack mode. In this mode there are no balloons or obstacles and you go very fast.

Recruiting Vincent:
In the Shinra mansion at Nibbhiem, there is a safe on the top floor. The combination is as follows: Right to 36, Left to 10, Right to 59 then Right to 97. Make sure you don't go to far left or to far right when turning. When it opens, kill the monster and grab the stuff in the safe. Descent the spiral staircase and into the coffin room. Vincent is in one of the coffins. Speak with him and leave, then come back and talk to him. He will join you.

Recovering missing items:
If you missed any important items, recover anything by excavating for it in the Bone Village

Knights of the Round Table:
Ride the Golden Chocobo to the North-Eastern part of the map to find a hidden island with a cave. Enter the cave and speak with the red light to receive the "Nights of the Round Table" spell.

Easy AP hint:
Go to the forest outside of Meedeel and walk around until you fight Head Hunters or Caterpillers. Equip Cloud with an Apocalipse sword and everyone else with a Rune Armlet. If you fight a group of four Head Hunters, you get 340 AP. Caterpillers and a group of three Head Hunters give you 240 AP. Equip as many 'ALL' and 'MAGIC PLUS' materia a possible in the sword and Rune Armlet. When mastered, they are worth 1.4 million gil each.

Infinite sources:
To get infinite Sources (luck source, magic source, etc.) perform the following actions: Get in the submarine and go to the downed plane, then wander around until you get into a battle and use the morph command on the enemies. The best way to do this is by attacking the enemies until they are almost dead and then using morph. In this area, there are six different enemies and each one morphs into one of the six sources.

Soft reset:
Hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Select + Start to reset the game.

Recruiting Yufie:
-Near the exploded Mako site is a small forest. Wonder around in it until you fight a ninja woman. After defeating her, there will be a save point; don't use it or she will run away. Speak with her and tell her you don't want to fight her again. Then, tell her you're terrified of her. When she asks if you need her help, say "Yes" then tell her that you're leaving and don't ask for her name.

-Alternatively, equip the Enemy Away Materia, which is won in the Gold Saucer Chocobo Racing, and a Luck Plus Materia. Go into any forests and wait for a while. Note that the Enemy Away Materia must be at Master Level for a higher percentage of chance to encounter Yuffie.

Preventing back attacks:
If your battle begins with a "Back Attack", hold L1 and R1 for a moment then release them. This will turn you around before your opponents get a shot.

Savior Sephiroth strategy:
Have the following: Knights of the Round, Zero Bahumut, and any other summons. Cure 3, Wall, "Mime", DeBarrier, Remedies and at least three Megaexlir's. Begin by casting Wall on your party, then cast DeBarrier to take away Sephiroth's wall. After this, throw everything you've got at him and use Mime to inflict serious damage. During the fight, Sephiroth will levitate higher, signaling he's preparing to cast Super Nova. If you are above 1500 energy you should be ok. Be careful forHeartless Angel, which brings your health down to 1. Then, use Megaexlirs. Keep up the endurance and Sephiroth will be defeated.

Chocobo tricks:
While racing the chocobos, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 to increase your speed. You can also increase their stamina by holding R1 + R2. While selecting a chocobo to race, press L1, L2, R1, R2 or any direction to pan, zoom and rotate the chocobo you're viewing.

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