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Doomsday hint:
Doomsday is the best spell in the game. However,it damages your allies. To get around this, equip Zidane with Ninja Gear, equip Vivi with the Shadow Armlet, and anyone else equip Pumice Piece and another Shadow Armlet. Doomsday is better than the summon Ark, which you get from Pumice Piece.

Frog Catching minigame rewards:
The frog catching minigame is a source forsome good items and new weapons for Quina, plus the number of frogs Quina eats will power up the "Frog Drop" spell. Catch the following number of frogs to earn the corresponding items:

2 frogs - Ore Stone
5 frogs - Ether
9 frogs - Silk Robe
15 frogs - Elixir
23 frogs - Silver Fork
33 frogs - Bistro Fork
99 frogs - Quina's Master appears and fights you; just use standard attack/heal techniques and be around level 40. You'll get the Gourmet Fork for winning.

Rope Jumping minigame rewards:
At the start of the game, Vivi can play in a Rope Jumping game in the Alexandria town square. Depending on how many jumps you manage to complete, you'll get a progressively better item. Perform the following number of jumps to earn the corresponding items:

20 jumps - 10 gil
50 jumps - Cactrot Card
100 jumps - Genji Card
200 jumps - Alexander Card
300 jumps - Cat Paw Racket
1000 jumps - King of Skipping Title

Ultima Weapon hint:
To obtain the Ultima Weapon, return to the glacier around were Terra was and search around with a Chocobo and a dead pepper.

Alternate ending:
For an alternate ending, finish the Stellazzio (Zodiac) Quest and keep "Shina's Hammer", which you find in the room after fighting Lich on disk #4. Don't lose, use, or sell/combine the hammer. It has to be present in your inventory for you to get the alternate ending.

Black Jack mini-game:
To play the Black Jack mini-game, enter the following code at the end screen after the credits:


Lich strategy:
Simply cast "Life" on Lich to automatically win the battle.

Cooking with Eiko hint:
Eiko likes Zidane and wants everything to go great. You must select which moogle does each job. Choose as follows:

Who should go fishing? - Chimmomo
Who should go dig up potatoes? - Momatose
Who should help in the kitchen? - Mocha

Tons of XP from Yews:
Although the Grand Dragon gives alot of experience points, there is an even better source elsewhere. There is an island where fiends called Yew await. These are very hard and you really need Doomsday and armour that protects from it. Kill them to get more experience points than the Grand Dragon gives you.

Excalibur I and II:

Obtaining Excalibur I
Purchase the "Magic Finger" item at the Treno Auction early on. Once you reach Dargelo, give this item to an eldery man you meet there -- and he will give you Excalibur in return.

Obtaining Excalibur II
This one is much harder to acquire. You must reach Hades in under 12 hours. After defeating Hades, check the farthest right pillar for the sword.

Coffee quest hint:
Give the guy at the Watchtower in Dali the three coffee beans he wants to receive the Prima Vista figurine. Below are the locations of each bean:

Bean 1 - Pass near the Chocobo Forest, around the right side of the screen.
Bean 2 - In the Madain Sari kitchen
Bean 3 - Before finishing the Card Game (while waiting for King Cid), head to Dali and check the Chief's hut for a key to the previously locked door inside the windmill.

Quiz Master:

Look for a oddly-dressed character around the Black Mage village. You can recognize him by the circle and an X floating around him. This is the Quiz Master. Speak to him and he will ask you a series of 13 questions. For each correct answer you will receive a ton of AP, and a Memory Ring if you answer them all correctly. The following is a list of all the questions followed by the correct answers:

"I Want To Be Your Canary" was written by Lord Afon - False
The 15th Lindlum War started in 1600 - False
The theater ship Prima Vista was build in Artania Shipyards - False
Lindlum Castle is larger than Alexandria Castle - True
Some Mu's are friendly and won't attack - True
Burkmea Cable cars have been running for eight years - True
Only one desert exists in the entire world - False
Conde Petie is a village of Goblins - False
Prima Vista means love at first sight - False
Treno's café, Card Carta, is members only - True
Bobo bird is a bird that brings you fortune - False
You can defeat Ragtimer - True
Chocobo Forest is located between Lindlum and South Gate - True
The theater ship Prima Vista uses Mist as its energy - True
Fossil Roo is an underground tunnel that connects Treno and Alexandria - False

Complete Tetra Master card list:
The following is a complete list for the Tetra Master (Quadmist) card game:

1. Goblin
2. Fang
3. Skeleton
4. Purin
5. Sakunaru
6. Lizard Man
7. Zombie
8. Bomb
9. Aironette
10. Sabakin
11. Iiti
12. Mimic
13. Weird
14. Mandrake
15. Crawler
16. Sand Scorpion
17. Minf
18. Sand Golem
19. Su
20. Dragonfly
21. Carrion Worm
22. Cerebrous
23. Andrion
24. Sabotaner
25. Black Cat
26. Rock Time Max
27. Headbonkbye
28. Rauaimonk
29. Ochu
30. Doru
31. Frei Senpent
32. Akia Monster
33. Som Select
34. Sropper
35. Dandarian
36. Grand Dragon
37. Feather Circle
38. Hacked Eyes
39. Ork
40. Armstrong
41. Ash
42. Leis
43. Gargoyle
44. Weeper
45. Grimlock
46. Tonberry
47. Ariman
48. Garuda
49. Morbol
50. MuPa
51. Abadon
52. Behemoth
53. Steel Giant
54. Shin Ryu
55. Osma
56. Hades
57. Holy
58. Meteo
60. Shiva
61. Ifrit
62. Ramuh
63. Atomos
64. Odin
65. Leviathan
66. Bahamut
67. Ark
68. Fenrir
69. Madin
70. Alexander
71. ExcaliburII
72. Ultima Weapon
73. Masamune
74. Elixer
75. Dark Matter
76. Ribbon
77. Cat Hand Racket
78. Save The Queen
79. Samurai
80. Mithril Sword
81. Blue Narugis
82. Hilda Guard #3
83. Invincible
84. Cargo Ship
85. Hilda Guard
86. Tantalus
87. Red Rose
88. Wield Guns
89. Chocobo
90. Fat Chocobo
91. Mog
92. Frog
93. Puri Bug
94. Alexandria
95. Lindbalm
96. Two Moons
97. Garugand
98. Namingway
99. Boko
100. Falcon

Land Spirits locations:
In certain areas of the world map you'll stumble across a couple of friendly monsters. They are land spirits and each of them will make a request from you. Fufilling their request aloows you to use the "Attack" command when you are fighting Ozma, who's unlocked in the Chocobo Garden by inspecting a large rock on the upper right hand corner. You'll get Garnet's strongest Summon, Ark, from defeating Ozma but it is a very hard battle, so be sure you find all the land spirits:

Squirrel - Around Dali. Ore stone.
Ghost - In front of Treno (but not too far) or around the South Gate. Ore stone.
Ladybug - Around the Black Mage Village. Two Ore stones.
Yeti - Forest outside Madain Sari. Two Ore Stones.
Nymph - Forest near Iifa. Three Ore Stones.
Jabberwock - Forest East of Oeivell. Emerald. Feather Suckle - Ice Continent, on the Chocobo tracks. Moonstone.
Galda - Forest outside Gizamaluke Cave after climbing rope. Lapis Lazly.
Yan - Bile Island (small island near center of map). It will keep running away until you have found all eight other Land Spirits. Diamond.

New Carbunkle/Fenrir skills:
Give the following Carbunkle/Fenrir skills a try:

Diamond + Carbunkle = DiaLight
Virgin's Hope + Fenrir = 1000 Year Dust
Moonstone + Carbunkle = Pearl Light
Emerald + Carbunkle = Emerald Light

Stellazzio quest:
Speak with the lady in the house north of the Treno Combination Shop. She will tell you about a set of thirteen Stellazzio that are scattered across the world. Find them all and she will reward you everytime you return. This quest is required if you want to see the game's alternate ending. Find the following Stellazzio's by searching the corresponding locations:

Aries - Dali; In the windmill all the way to be back (not downstairs)
Cancer - Burmecia; behind the overturned cart
Scorpio - Quan Cave spring
Gemini - Fountain at the first screen after you enter Treno; throw coins thirteen times into the fountain.
Taurus - Treno; behind the item shop.
Virgo - Black Mage Village Inn; around the beds
Libra - Madain Sari fountain
Leo - Alexandria (after raid); Left Tower near Neptune Statue
Sagittarius - Linblum; in the left side of the 3d screen up of the
Commercial Square.
Capricorn - Dargelo Library; right hand side
Aquarius - Ipsen Heritage; right hand pillar at entrance
Pisces - Treasure chest inside Invincible.
13th Stellazzio - Return to the Quan Cave that's east of Treno after collecting and returning all 12 coins.

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