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Bronze trophies
This is only the beginning - Finish all the missions in the game.
Top of the class - Win the golden glove on one mission.
Fun - Complete an online multiplayer game.
Cooperation - Complete a mission in 2 player local game mode.
Who's the strongest? - Exterminate 3 hordes.
Collector - Find all weapons with the same character.
Apprentice Terminator - Achieve a 10,000 point combo.
Temptation - Launch the 4 special skills specific to one character in a single mission.
Slaughter - Kill 500 monsters with the chainsaw.
Arsonist - Kill 300 monsters with fire.
Healer - Heal a character on the ground 10 times in multiplayer mode.

Silver trophies
Terminator - Achieve a 50,000 point combo.
Massacre - Kill 1,000 monsters.
Disintegration - Score 300,000 points in a single game.
Rock hard! - Complete all the missions in the game in "Rock hard" mode.
Perfectionist - Get the gold in every mission.

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