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Fifth difficulty level:
To unlock the Fifth difficulty level, complete all challenges listed in challenge mode from any two zones.

Spending experience points tip:
In manager mode, access the experience points menu. Turn autospend off. When you have earned 40,000 experience points go back into the menu. Turn on autospend. The CPU spends the points better when there are more.

Close free kicks hint:
Hold down L1 and R1 then aim. If you are in the middle aim to the players stronger foot. Kick the ball at about 1/4 power and it will go in most of the time.

Round the world:

Hold L2 and keep tapping R1 to do kick ups. Roll the right analog stick all the way around while tapping R1.

99 overall player stats:
Complete the following steps to get 99 overall player stats:

1. Buy all the experience packs in the shop for your arena player.
2. Save it onto your first and a second personal settings.
3. Buy all the experience packs in the shop, and save. It should save to personal settings 2 and your squads.
4. Use all the experience points on your player, and then save the game.
5. Load personal settings 1, and save it to personal settings 2 again.
6. The experience packs should be available in the shop again, and you should get the points back.
7. Buy them again and save it. It should save to personal settings 2 and squads.
8. Use all the packs on your player again and save.
9. Repeat steps 1 through 9 to keep increasing your player's stats until he reaches 99 overall.

Easy money in Career mode:
Scout out players and sell them to make easy money. To avoid paying the scouted player's salary, put them in the shortlist and sign them in a transfer period.

Easy money in Manager mode:
-When managing a new club that has less finances to afford major transfers, reduce all the contracts of the major stars in your previous club to one year. Then, fail to renew them. Move to the new club and go to the transfer window with your small amount of available cash, then go to the free agents. The players from your previous club will be listed as free agents. Transfer them to your new club and sell them at a high price to get enough funds to manage your new club.

-Once the transfer period begins, check for free agents and offer them the highest salary. Once they come to your club, sell them. However, check their bio first because some players may be worth a fortune while some not even 200,000.

-To earn more money in the first season, go to any team in Team Management mode and edit your favorite players to a young age while also reducing their abilities to less than 80. Set their growth type to elite, then edit the unwanted players to 99 in every area and make them a forward. At the beginning of the season you will get sponsors paying large amounts. You can sell those super forwards for between 90 million to 160 million. The players grow fast and you can have a contract of five years at a smaller amount. Keep the age of super forwards between 25 and 28 years old so that they retire soon.

Spending experience points in Manager mode:
In Manager mode, access the experience points menu. At the top of the screen is an option you can toggle if you want to have the experience points spent automatically. Turn the autospend off and save up until you have about 40,000 experience points, or roughly a third of a season. Then, go back into the menu where you spend your points. You can spend much more points in one go. This makes it easier to decide what aspects of a player to upgrade. When you have 40,000 experience points, turn on the auto spend. The CPU spends the points better if there are more to spend.

Keeping players longer in Manager mode:
Before starting Manager mode with a team, edit the players ages so that they play longer for your team. For example, with Liverpool, Steven Gerrard (age 28) might play for five years. However, Steven Gerrard (age 14) will play for at least twenty more years.

Developing good players in Manager mode:
To make all your players increase to over 90 in two or three seasons, before you start the season, go to the "Team Management" menu. Select "Edit Players" then select the team you want to use in Manager mode. Edit all the players and decrease their age to the minimum (18 years old) setting their year of birth to 1990. Then, select "Save and exit" to save the changed data. Start Manager mode with the team you selected earlier. Young player will grow a lot with match ex. and grow two to five levels after every season if they play well.

Easy goals hints:
-Beating the wall is a pretty difficult job, but the best player for this is Ronaldinho. While hitting, fill the power to about 75% to 80%. As soon as the player starts moving, press Up/Left or Up/Right toward the side where the goalkeeper is not standing. The ball should land in the net. Note: This will require some practice.

-First, take the ball on the left or right side of your opponent team's net and move diagonally towards the goal while keeping [Pace Control] pressed. When the goalkeeper comes to capture the ball, press [Shoot]. The ball will usually go into the net.

-Always use a left footed player for a left corner or a right footed player for right corner. Turn almost to the right for a left corner or almost to the left for a right corner. Your pointer will aim at the near post. Press [Cross] and have slightly less power than full. Continue to press [Shoot] and the ball will hit the crossbar. Your player will head the ball into the net. No goal keeper can stop him. If you stay in this corner you will almost always score a goal from a corner kick.

Easy wins hints:

-Choose a team with good team chemistry. Go to "Club Transfer" and select "Dynamo" from "Major League Soccer". Since they have the largest team chemistry (95), do a club transfer of all the players of the team and send them tp any club. Select your best eleven players and send them to "Dynamo", then arrange the squad by editing and you can win easily.
More reasonable individual and team goals in "Be a Pro" season

-Use the following trick if you find an objective that is difficult to reach. Before the next match, save the game. When you see the tasks for the next match that you cannot pass, quit the mode, reload it, and the objectives will change to one you want. For example, if your striker has trouble dealing with being in an offside position (and that is not even being called by the referee) less than eight times, just quit the mode and reload it again. Then, it may change to "Commit less than 4 fouls" or "Score at least one goal". However, your team objectives such as "Concede less than 5 corners" or "Stay scoreless by the 80th minute" will also change.

Clean sheets:
For clean sheets in season, tournament, Be A Pro Season, manager modes (everything outside exhibitions), it will be the final keeper present at the end of a shutout (clean sheet) game that receives the credit. For example, if you start with Edwin Van der Sar in the first half, Thomasz Kusczak at the start of second half, but finish with Wayne Rooney in goal because Kusczak was red-carded, and the final score was 2-0, Rooney will be credited with the clean sheet, and not Edwin Vander Sar. Kusczak is ineligible because he was red-carded. The clean sheet is void if any goals are scored against them. If any keeper conceded a goal, any substitute keepers in goal will not benefit even if they didn't concede any further goals.

Recommended formation:
Go to "Create Formation" and select 4-3-3 as your base. Make the four defenders a wide diamond, with the sweeper at the bottom of the diamond in the middle of the 18 box, two defenders at the corners of the box, and the last defender right above the semi circle slightly. Note: The top defender will be a midfielder if you have him placed correctly. This formation works better than the 4-3-3 alone as well as any other formation.

Recommended players:

-Use the following players:

Henry (Chelsea)
Miguel Veloso

-The following is am excellent set of players to have in Manager mode. These players are quality buys if you can get them cheap and want players who develop into the 96+ category overall rating. To find the best players, do a search for all players aged between 16 to 19. You can find some 17 or 18 year olds with a rating of 90. These players only cost about $7 million due to their age, and you can make them worth about 40 in a season if the play well for you.

Goalkeeper - Bruno (Brazilian)
Defense - Micah Richards
Defense - Vincent Kompany
Defense - Sergio Ramos
Defense - Dani Alves
Defense - Gareth Bale
Defense - Raul Albiol
Midfield - S. Aleksander
Midfield - Fernando Gago
Midfield - Francesq Fabregas
Forward - Cristiano Ronaldo
Forward - Nani
Forward - Sergio Aguero
Forward - Created player (do not give him too many defense points as they do not really improve the overall rating for a striker)
Forward - Lionel Messi

-Use the following players in the future:

Zubaer Alam (Galib)
L. Messi
Alexandre Pato (Inter)
S. Brown
P. Mertesacker

- Use the following players:

GK - Petr Cech (Chelsea)
DF - Rio Ferdinand (Manchester United)
DF - William Gallas (Arsenal)
DF - Ashley Cole (Chelsea)
MF - Ronaldinho (Barcalona)
MF - Nani (Manchester United)
MF - Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United)
MF - David Beckham (LA Galaxy)
ST - Obafemi Martins (Newcastle United)
ST - Tierry Henry (Barcalona)
ST - Carlos Tevez (Manchester United)

GK - Shay Given (Newcastle United)
DF - Gareth Bale (Tottenham Hotspurs)
MF - Damien Duff (Newcastle United)
MF - Owen Hargreaves (Manchester United
ST - Lionel Messi (Barcalona)

GK - Pepe Reina (Jose Reina) (Liverpool)
GK - Kasper Schmeichel (Manchester City)
DF - Gary Neville (Manchester United)
DF - John Terry (Chelsea)
MF - Frank Lampard (Chelsea)
MF - Nolberto Solano (West Ham United)
ST - Didier Drogba (Chelsea)
ST - Dimitar Berbatov (Tottenham Hotspurs)

- The following is a great team in Manager mode. These players are the best right now and most of them will get even better:

Goalkeeper - Petr Cech
Defense - Phillip Lahm
Defense - Per Mertesacker
Defense - Jamie Carragher
Defense - Zanetti
Midfield - Bastian Schweinsteiger
Midfield - Francesq Fabregas
Midfield - Van der Vaart
Midfield - Kaka/Ronaldinho
Forward - Robinho
Forward - Lukas Podolski

- The following players will be rated 90+ by the third manager season in a 4-1-2-1-2 formation.

Dani Alves
Kaka or Diego
David Villa
Aguero or Torres

-The following is a recommended young team in 4-4-2 formation:

Andres Palop/Landreau (GK)
Zambrotta/Lahm (LB)
Marquez (LWB)
Cafu (RWB)
Sagnol/Abidal (RB)
Ribery/Beckham (RM)
Lampard/Essien (RWM)
Xavi/Nasri (LWM)
Nani (LM)
Podoliski (LS)
Gilardino/Gudjohnson (RS)

-Use the following team in 4-4-2 formation:

Riou, Cassio (GK)
Jonhson (Glenn) (RB)
Thigo Helano (RCB)
Gary (LCB)
Vrzovic (LB)
Kroos (RWM)
Sankahare (RCM)
Coutdure (LCM)
Barnes (LWM)
Vela (RS)
Patrick (LS)

-Use the following players:

GK - Cech (Chelsea F.C.)
LB - Daniel Alves da Silva (Sevilla F.C)
LCB - Terry (Chelsea F.C)
RCB - Alex (Chelsea F.C)
RB - Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid F.C)
CDM - Miguel Veloso (Sporting CP)
RM (RWM) - Christiano Ronaldo (Manchester United F.C)
LM - Messi (FC Barcelona)
CAM - Diego (Werder Bremen)
ST - Tevez (Manchester United F.C)
ST - Rooney (Manchester United F.C)

GK - Neuer (FC Schalke 04)
LB - Bale (Tottenham Hotspurs F.C)
RB - Castro (Bayer Leverkusen)
LM - Silva (Valencia CF)
RM - Ribery (Bayern Munich)
CAM - Carlos Alberto (Werder Bremen)
ST - Aguero (Atletico Madrid)

GK - Ejide (SC Bastia)
LWB - Taiwo (Olympique de Marseille)
CB - Pique (Manchester United F.C)
CB - Agger (Liverpool F.C.)
CDM - Matuidi (AS Saint - tienne)
LM - Schweinsteiger (Bayern Munich)
RM (CM) - Denilson (Arsenal F.C.)
RM (RWM) - Lennon (Tottenham Hotspurs F.C)
CAM - Anderson (Manchester United F.C)
CAM - De Los Santos (FC Barcelona)
ST - Bojan (FC Barcelona)
ST - Pato (AC Milan)

-Use the following players:

Goalkeepers - Casillas, Cech, Kahn
Defense - Terry, Lahm, Cole, Friedrich, Cafu
Center - Ballack, Lampard, Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, Gerrard, Frings
Striker - Messi, Shevchenko, Podolski, Rooney, Henry

- Use the following players:

GK - Cassio (91)
RB - Sergio Ramos (95)
CB - Martesacker (94)
CB - Bale (91)
LB - Richards (91) or Drenthe (90)
CDM - Fabregas (96)
LM - Silva (94)
RM - Nani (95) or Ribery (93)
CAM - Lulinha (97)
ST - Created player (99)
ST - Alexandre Pato (99)

GK - Neuer (90)
DEF - Richards/Drenthe (91/90)
DEF - Marcelo (86)
MF - Renatinho (91)
MF - Ribery (93)
ST - Van Persie (93)
ST - Marcelo Moreno (93)

-Use the following players in a 4-1-2-1-2 formation:

GK - Neuer
RB - Obi Mikel
CB - Sergio Ramos
CB - Maertesacker
LB - Essien
CM - Anderson
RM - Cristiano Ronaldo
LM - Jesus Navas
CAM - Dos Santos
CF - Messi
ST - Pato

-Use the following players:

GK - O. Kahn ,M. Neur
LWB - P. Lahm
CB - Mertesacker, C. Puyol
RB - Sergio Ramos
RM - F. Ribery or RWM - F Malouda
LM - Schweinsteiger or LWM - C. Ronaldo
CAM - M. Ozil (not available during initial seasons) or Diego (Werder Bremen)
CM - Created player
ST - M Klose, T. Henry

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