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Easy money hint:
Start a new game on Easy and then sell the plough and the shield. Harvest all the crops (or the ones you desire) and sell the harvested crops at the sell points where you will get the highest price for them. Sell the crops in the silos. If done correctly, you should have earned enough money to upgrade your combine harvester, tractor, and other tools or equipment.

Deutz Tractor money hint:
Note: $210,000 is required for this trick. Speed up time and wait for a Deutz sale that offers 20% off your purchase. When such a sale starts, slow time to normal and purchase the Deutz 7250 for $210,000. Immediately turn around and sell it to the shop in the yellow square for around $220,000, giving you a profit of $10,000 on a single transaction. You can do this with more than one tractor at a time, which could mean around $90,000 in profit over the course of a couple of minutes if you sell 9 tractors (if you have sufficient starting funds).


Bronze trophies
Nouveau-Riche - Earned one million.
Well-Heeled - Earned five million.
Out of Debt - Got out of debt.
Mobile Farmer - Travelled one hundred miles.
Longplayer - Played for ten hours.
Fruits of Your Labor - Threshed ten hectares.
Sower - Seeded ten hectares.
Lucky Hand - Found twenty-five horseshoes.
Enough for 12.5 Horses - Found fifty horseshoes.
Mission Master - Completed fifty missions.
Financial Folly - Went bankrupt.

Silver trophies
Pots of Gold - Earned ten million.
Very Frequent Driver - Travelled one thousand miles.
Harvest King - Threshed one hundred hectares.
Mass Production - Seeded one hundred hectares.
The Collector - Found one hundred horseshoes.

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