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Bronze trophies
Trigger Finger - Perform a Counter.
Dangerous To Be Around - Level up to Max Level.
The Way It Should Be Played - Complete any level with an A-Rank or higher.
Save The Universe! - Complete Adventure Mode.
Nibia Domination - S-Rank all Nibia levels.
Arbor Domination - S-Rank all Arbor levels.
Squall Domination - S-Rank all Squall levels.
Look, 'Mon, I Can Fly! - Explode 10 times in the air without touching the ground.
Speed Runner - Beat a par time for any level.
Super Potential 1000% !!! - Completely upgrade Explodemon and unlock all of his abilities.
Speed Runner 1000% !!! - Beat the par times for all levels.
Quintuple Frag! - Destroy five enemies in less than five seconds.
Decuple Frag! - Destroy 10 enemies in less than five seconds.
Duocuple Frag! - Destroy 15 enemies in less than five seconds.
Bring it down! Bring it down! - Bring down a Vortex dropship.
Sizzle Sauce - Destroy 100 enemies by dunking them in acid.
Street Fighter - Perform a 3 Hit Combo.
Sticky Ball - Close Explode the same green sticky 10 times.
Untouchable - Defeat Absorbemon without taking any damage.
Weapon of Mass Destruction - Destroy 1000 Vortex. 

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