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Bronze trophies
Apprentice Pin Collector - Acquired a Collectible Pin for the first time.
Clear! - Mickey revived Oswald while playing co-op.
Devoted Pin Collector - Found 88 Collectible Pins.
Dress-up - Changed costumes for the first time.
Fall From Grace - Entered Angel Falls, exited Devil Falls.
Who Left These Lying Around? - Rescued all the gremlins.
Get with the Program - Reprogrammed a Beetleworx.
Hard Hat Area - Got through Ventureland's construction area.
Heads Up - Matched Seth's flowers to OsTown's statue.
Heroes of Wasteland - Built both statues in OsTown.
Junker - Destroyed 50 enemies.
Lab Tested - Finished Yen Sid's Lab.
Make Your Own Way - Ignored Daisy AND Smee's suggestions.
Not-So-Sleepy Hollow - Revealed every knothole surprise.
Oswald's New Groove - Finished Dark Beauty Castle with two players.
Picture Perfect - Got all three of Metairie's pictures.
Projector Corrector - Restarted the Rainbow Falls Substation.
Recycler - Befriended 50 enemies.
Rogues Gallery - Photographed every enemy.
Tunnel Mouse - Played through every D.E.C..
Walking the Mean Streets - Navigated both halves of Mean Street.
We've Got Spirit, Yes We Do! - Awakened a Spirit.
When You Wish Upon a Star - Painted every star and comet in Yen Sid's Lab.
Blot Alley Superstar - Befriended the Blotworx and helped Petetronic.
Fortified - Scouted a path through Fort Wasteland.
Full-court Prescott - Chased Prescott through the Floatyard.
Go with the Flow - Solved OsTown's Thinner problem.
Race the Autotopia Speedway - Completed a race in Autotopia.
Running the Gauntlet - Got through Blot Alley by any means.
Siphon...Siphoff... - Dealt with all the Guardian Siphons.
Things Are Worxing Out - Opened the way to Blot Alley.
Trailblazer - Braved Disney Gulch.
Tryptic - Dealt with all 3 dioramas.
Your Conscience Be Your Guide - Found a way through the Rainbow Caverns.

Silver trophies

Dressed to Impress - Collected every Costume.
Film Buff - Collected every 2D Film Reel.
Off Track - Shuttered all four train stations.
Prince Charming - Befriended 100 enemies.
Staff Photographer - Got all Adelle's photos from the official Picture Spots.
Thinderella - Destroyed 100 enemies.
Dragon Defeat - Defeated the Blotworx Dragon.
The Bigger They Are... - Defeated Prescott's mechanical creation.
You Must be This Tall to Ride - Defeated the Mad Doctor's new ride.

Gold trophies
Master Pin Collector - Collected 176 Collectible Pins.
Perfectionist - Finished all quests.
Statue Garden - Awakened every Spirit.

Platinum trophy
Can I Get a Pin of That? - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

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