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Bronze trophies
All Traps - Build every trap and a wood blockade in one level.
Bomber - Kill twenty zombies with a single bomb trap.
Cactustime - While playing Mike, search four cacti in a row.
Dead can Dance - Activate the Jukebox and make a zombie dance.
Jack the Builder - Put blockades on every door and window in one level.
Multikill - While playing Foxy, kill three zombies with one melee attack.
Nightshift - Play five minutes in darkness.
Quintupel Super Awesome - Build five blockades with super awesome finish in a row.
Work force - Employ 20 construction zombies at the same time.

Silver trophies
Game Complete - Complete all single player levels.
Poo Dance - Make ten infected zombies dance at the same time.

Gold trophies

Medal Seeker - Win all gold medals in all singleplayer levels.

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