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"Pounding Pavement" song on Beginner course:
Choose the Beginner course at the course selection screen. Select a transmission then immediately hold RIGHT (VR4 in Arcade version) until the race starts to hear "Pounding Pavement" instead of "The King Of Speed".

Hidden High Score Music:
Listen to the following music from classic Sega games by entering the corresponding letters in the High Score screen:

After Burner - A.B
Daytona USA: Let's Go Away - LGA
Daytona USA: Pounding Pavement - P.P
Daytona USA: Sky High - SKH
Daytona USA: The King of Speed - KOS
Enduro Racer - E.R
F1 Exhaust Note - EXN
Fantasy Zone - F.Z
G-LOC: Air Battle - GLC
Galaxy Force - G.F
GP Rider - GPR
Hang-On - H.O
OutRun - O.R
OutRunners - ORS
Power Drift - P.D
Quartet - QTT
Rad Mobile - R.M
SDI: Strategic Defense Initiative - SDI
Space Harrier - S.H
Stadium Cross - S.C
Strike Fighter - S.F
Super Hang-On - SHO
Super Monaco GP - SMG
Thunder Blade - T.B
Turbo OutRun - TOR
Vermillion - VMO
Virtua Fighter - V.F
Virtua Racing - V.R

View credits:
After placing first in a race, press Start twice during the victory lap celebration to see credits for the game.

Music select option:
Select any course (Beginner, Advanced or Expert) and after choosing your transmission, quickly press and hold V.R. camera button commands until the race starts.

V.R.1 - "The King of Speed" (Beginner "Three Seven Speedway" BGM).
V.R.2 - "Let's Go Away" (Advanced "Dinosaur Canyon" BGM).
V.R.3 - "Sky High" (Expert "Seaside Street Galaxy" BGM)
V.R.4 - "Pounding Pavement" (Alt. Beginner "Three Seven Speedway" BGM).


Bronze trophies
Slot Machine - On a BEGINNER Course of ARCADE Mode press "Special" in front of the Slots to stop the 3 reels.
YOU JUST LOST YOUR... - Find the hidden sign at the dead end in ADVANCED Course of ARCADE MODE.
Flipmode - On an EXPERT Course of ARCADE Mode, upend the Jeffry statue by repeatedly pressing 'Special'.
Repair HORNET - Repair damage in the Pit during Arcade Mode.
Rank In - Upload your record to the Time Trial Mode scoreboard.
Challenge Clear - Clear a challenge in CHALLENGE Mode.
Survive: 5000 - Log over 5000 in SURVIVAL Mode.

Silver trophies
First Place BEGINNER - Win a BEGINNER Course in ARCADE Mode (any difficulty level is ok).
First Place ADVANCED - Win an ADVANCED Course in ARCADE Mode (any difficulty level is ok).
Karaoke Racer! - Play KARAOKE Mode until the end.
100 hits - Hit the sign or road cone 100 times. (no. of hits is the cumulative total)

Gold trophies
First Place EXPERT - Win an EXPERT Course in ARCADE Mode (any difficulty level is ok).

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