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Giant on the roof before the golem in Anor Londo strategy:
Stand in the doorway and attack his legs, then run down the stairs when he attacks. Repeat the process. When he falls to his knees, use a two-handed attack with your weapon.

Giant Stone Guards up the big stairs in Anor Londo palace strategy:
Walk up the left side until you see the top of the left guard's shield. Then, aim your bow at the right guard's chest and fire three poison arrows to poison him. With patience he will die. If you do not have poison arrows, use what you have until he is defeated. Once done, go down and walk up the right side hugging the rail step onto the platform. The guard will look at you, walk to your right, and turn back around. Then do the same thing you did to the first guard.

Giant Stone Knights in Anor Londo great hall strategy:
After making it inside the hall with the Giant Knights, Archer, path to Giant Blacksmith along the wall down from broken window and white light (Boss), run to the far left end with the door and a lever to the left of it. Move the lever to open the doors and create a shortcut back to the first bonfire. If you run outside, the knights will return to where they were standing. Walk back just inside the doors. Fire three poison arrows at the knight's back. Poison him and fire a few regular arrows to speed up his death. Once done, go to the point of the second light diamond on the floor just before the spot where you killed the knight. Repeat the process to kill the other knight. They also drop Titanite Chunks, which are needed for the lightning weapon upgrade, if your weapons are at level 10, from Andre the blacksmith across from Sen's fortress in the basement.

Black Knight in Undead Burg strategy:
The Black Knight in the Undead Burg can easily kill you with three or four strikes when you're still weak. To take him out, stock up on large arrows and throwing knives. You will be making use of the bridge you previously crossed while being targeted by firebombers. Run to the Black Knight and shoot him with an arrow to get his attention. When he starts chasing you, flee back to the room that previously had two axe users and the undead knight. Turn around and close the door, then go out on the bridge, take out your bow and arrow, and start shooting him. When you run out of arrows, change to throwing knives. After a couple moments the Black Knight will fall and you will gain a nice set of 600 souls. After that, sit at a bonfire and repeat the entire process.

Recommended Soul Farming area:
By the bonfire behind the hidden wall in Darkroot garden is a locked door sealed by the Astoras crest (which you can purchase for 20,000 souls at the Blacksmith in the undead parish). It creates a shortcut to the boss Sif. However, before that is a mage, a semi-invisible knight, rogue, and an archer. You can go down the staircase just outside of the door and see the mage standing by a lightplant. With a bow and one well placed arrow(doesn't matter what type, the key is to hit him, not kill him) you can shoot him once and then lure him back into the area by the bonfire. He's very easy to kill alone, but make sure the semi-invisible knight doesn't follow him. Kill the mage and you will get 2000 souls. Now here's the kicker; every time you rest at the bonfire, he returns to life. Rinse and repeat to accumulate great amounts of souls in a short period of time.

Experience boost hint:
At the bridge where the red dragon is sitting, run across the bridge and he will spit fire at you. Go down the stairs on the right side of the bridge and kick the ladder down. There is a bonfire at the bottom of the ladder. Rest at the bonfire to and make the enemies spawn back in place. After that, go back up the ladder, out the door that leads to the path under the dragon, and stay near the wall on the left so the enemy doesn't see you. Shoot the dragon's tail and run back quickly up the stairs about half way or more. The dragon will spit fire, killing all the undead. That gives you 300 souls. Go back down the ladder and, before you rest at the bonfire, kill the undead out the door and get around another 300 souls. Repeat until you have the desired amount of souls.

Soul and Item Duplication Glitch:
Note: This will not work if you have downloaded the patch meant to fix this glitch. At a bonfire, interact so that no enemies are nearby, then unequip your head slot item and equip either the Grass Crest Shield or the Cloranthy Ring. Equip the dragon head stone with the soul or item you want to duplicate directly after it. Face forward and use your Dragon Head Stone again, this time holding SQUARE, then right after, turn around while still holding square, press DOWN on the D-pad to switch to the item used. Release SQUARE for a split second, then hold it down again. If done right, your character should be able to run around with his hands above his head.

Armored Rhino helm hint:
When facing the Armored Rhino in the Undead Burg, defeat it with your weapons and not the nearby fire pits. It has a chance to drop the creature's head, which serves as a good helm.

Avoiding repeat game play hint:
After getting killed, quit the game or turn off the system immediately and save. The game now has saved the fact that you have been killed and made the bloodstain with souls and humanity, but still has the old saved location. You should be standing a couple feet from your bloodstain.

World of Warcraft easter egg:
Before fighting Pinwheel in The Catacombs, find a summoning sign by dropping off the edge near the second bonfire. The summoning sign is for none other than Paladin Leeroy, a reference to the famous paladin paladin player from World of Warcraft.


Bronze trophies
Covenant: Way of White - Discover Way of White covenant.
Strongest Weapon - Acquire best weapon through standard reinfrc.
Crystal Weapon - Acquire best weapon through crystal reinfrc.
Lightning Weapons - Acquire best weapon through lightning reinfrc.
Raw Weapon - Acquire best weapon through raw reinfrc.
Magic Weapon - Acquire best weapon through magic reinfrc.
Enchanted Weapon - Acquire best weapon through enchanted reinfrc.
Divine Weapon - Acquire best weapon through divine reinfrc.
Fire Weapon - Acquire best weapon through fire reinfrc.
Chaos Weapon - Acquire best weapon through chaos reinfrc.
Enkindle - Light bonfire flame.
Estus Flask - Acquire Estes Flask.
Reach Lordran - Arrive in Lordran.
Ring the Bell (Undead Church) - Ring Bell of Awakening at Undead Church.
Ring the bell (Quelaag's Domain) - Ring Bell of Awakening in Quelaag's domain.
Rite of Kindling - Acquire the Rite of Kindling.
Art of Abysswalking - Acquire the Art of Abysswalking.
Occult Weapon - Acquire best wpn through occult reinfrc.

Silver trophies
Knight's Honor - Acquire all rare weapons.
Wisdom of a Sage - Acquire all sorceries.
Bond of a Pyromancer - Acquire all pyromancies.
Prayer of a Maiden - Acquire all miracles.
Reach Anor Londo - Arrive in Anor Londo.
Lordvessel - Acquire the Lordvessel.
Covenant: Princess's Guard - Discover Princess's Guard covenant.
Covenant: Blade of the Darkmoon - Discover Blade of the Darkmoon covenant.
Covenant: Warrior of Sunlight - Discover Warrior of Sunlight covenant.
Covenant: Forest Hunter - Discover Forest Hunter covenant.
Covenant: Darkwraith - Discover Darkwraith covenant.
Covenant: Path of the Dragon - Discover Path of the Dragon covenant.
Covenant: Gravelord Servant - Discover Gravelord Servant covenant.
Covenant: Chaos Servant - Discover Chaos Servant covenant.
Defeat Gravelord Nito - Defeat the Soul Lord Gravelord Nito.
Defeat Bed of Chaos - Defeat the Soul Lord Bed of Chaos.
Defeat the Four Kings - Defeat the Four Kings, inheritors of souls.
Defeat Seath the Scaleless - Defeat Seath the Scaleless, inheritors of souls.
Defeat the Dark Sun Gwyndolin - Defeat Dark Sun Gwyndolin, the Darkmoon God.
Defeat Crossbreed Priscilla - Defeat Crossbreed Priscilla, the Lifehunter.

Gold trophies
To Link the Fire - Reach 'To Link the Fire' ending.
Dark Lord - Reach 'The Dark Lord' ending.

Platinum trophy
The Dark Soul - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

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