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"The Ruins Of Delgantua" level:
To unlock "The Ruins Of Delgantua" level, beat all levels without any crystals.

Bonus money:
The bonus money you are awarded is based on the amount of gold you save and crystals.


Bronze trophies
Champion Defender - Clear all 12 maps.
Crystal Hoarder - Clear a single map without losing any crystals.
Expert Defender - Clear all the waves on any single map.
Novice Defender - Clear wave 10 on any single map.
Seasoned Defender - Clear wave 20 on any single map.
W1 Defender - Clear all the maps in W1.
W2 Defender - Clear all the maps in W2.
W3 Defender - Clear all the maps in W3.

Silver trophies
Four-Star Strategist - Accumulate a total score of 100,000 points.
Overachiever - Clear a map with more than 10,000 points.
Veteran Strategist - Accumulate a total score of 50,000 points.

Gold trophies
Good Samaritan - Clear a map without deploying a thief or losing a single crystal.

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