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Bronze trophies
Demolition Expert - Destroy 20 control panels.
First Mission - Play an objectives mission online for the first time.
Globe Trotter - Play a complete game on every map online.
Hacker - Upload 20 blocks of data.
Mission Handler - Host games with a combined session playtime of 1 hour.
Probie Commando - Reach commando level 5.
Weapons 101 - Get 20 kills with each of the six primary weapons.

Silver trophies
Boot Camp Beast    - Complete all grunt and jarhead boot camp missions with a commando medal score.
Crash And Conquer - Win 20 online games.
Elite Commando - Reach commando level 15.
Survival Of The Fittest - Have all three survival bonuses activated at the same time in an online game 10 times.

Gold trophies
Crash Commando - Reach commando level 25.

"Heist Map Pack" trophies:

Bronze trophies
Big Blunt Object - Kill 100 human opponents by running over them using a vehicle.
Bread Winner - Deposit a total of 20 bags of cash in the safe in the Heist game mode.
Mr Sweeper - Destroy 20 enemy mines in the same round using the CAB primary weapon.
Plastic Punish - Destroy 50 vehicles detonating an attached C4 explosive. The vehicle has to be occupied by an enemy to be counted!
Robber - Kill a total of 50 opponents while they are carrying cash in the Heist game mode.
Tank Spanker - Destroy 20 tanks while driving a rail buggy. The tank has to be occupied by an enemy to be counted!
Unsung Hero - Restore a total of 3000 health points by using the CAB on hurt team mates.

Silver trophies
Master Spinner - Destroy 3 vehicles w/ death spin not dying. Stay alive for 3 seconds after a successful vehicle kill to be counted. Vehicle has to be occupied by an enemy.
Multikill Madness - Score a X4 kill combo against human players using the explosives, primary weapon and death spin in same combo!
Shoot 'Em Up - Score a multikill combo (X4) while using the stationary gun.

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