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Unlockable Main Menu Options:
Unlock the following options or effects at the main menu by performing the corresponding tasks:

After Story option - Complete the main storyline with eight or more orbs of light.
Alternate main menu - Unlock the true ending in After Story mode.
Orbs of light in main menu - Each orb of light collected during game play will appear at the main menu.
CG mode - Collect at least 1 orb of light in the main story and complete the Arc.
Music mode - Collect at least 1 orb of light in the main story and complete the Arc.


Bronze trophies
CLANNAD - Unlock and clear all scenarios.
Long Slope - Prologue clear.

Silver trophies
Consistent Enjoyment - Clear Sunohara Mei's scenario.
Day After Day - Clear Ibuki Fuko's scenario.
Exciting School - Clear the game book.
First Orb - Get your first orb of light.
Hiiiiiiii! - Clear Sunohara's scenario.
Long Hair - Clear Fujibayashi Kyou's scenario.
Mino Ayumi's Future - Clear Fujibayashi Ryou's scenario.
Platinum (Platinum): Receive all trophies.
Saito Appeared - Cause Jet Saito to appear.
Spacious Garden - Clear Ichinose Kotomi's scenario.
The End of the Journey - Clear Koumura Toshio's scenario.
Two Lights - Clear Hiiragi Kappei's scenario.
Amiable Scenery - Clear Miyazawa Yukine's scenario.
As Long as There's Both of Us - Clear Furukawa Nagisa's scenario.
By Far - Clear Sagara Misae's scenario.
Cherry Blossoms in Full Bloom - Clear Sakagami Tomoyo's scenario.

Gold trophies
To a Small Palm - Receive the true ending for After Story.
Tomoyo's Ultimate weapon - During Tomoyo's Path, successfully perform a 64 hit combo.
Fantasy World - Get all of the orbs of light.
Fuko Master! - During Fuko's path, master every prank.
Glorious Baker! - Clear the grass-lot baseball scenario.

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