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Bronze trophies
Jewel Heist - Unlock 'Donkey Island' in the Campaign mode.
Rock Blocked - Unlock 'Mountain Passage' in the Campaign mode.
A Fistful of Hammers - Unlock 'Norsheim' in the Campaign mode.
Dragon Slayer - Kill a dragon with any hero in any game mode.
Troll Hunter - Kill a troll in with any hero in any game mode.
Crowd Control - Score a x5 or higher multikill.
Dropping Like Flies - Score a x10 or higher killing streak.
Angry Demolition - Destroy 3 enemy rooms with one shot.
Fight in the Shade - Shoot at least 30 javelins within a shooting frenzy.
Ten Heads - Make 10 headshot kills in a row in any game mode.
Hard Hat Area - Kill an enemy troop by collapsing his own castle on him in any game mode.

Silver trophies
Peace... Forever? - Finish the Campaign mode.
Upgrayedded - Upgrade a troop, projectile, spell or bonus room to its maximum level in any game mode.

Gold trophies
All-Star - Reach 100% completition in Campaign mode by obtaining all the stars.

"From Outcast To Savior" trophies:

Bronze trophies
Chip Off the Old Block - Win the King's Tournament with the mystery knight.
Princesslessness - Hold back all the attackers in the Shiny Forest.
Princess Rescued - Rescue the Princess from the city of Stonecrest.
Flight to Vikingland - Secure the Royal Airport to get a flight to Vikingland.
LZ Secured - Capture the Skyship Harbor of Vikingland.

Silver trophies
Monster Killer - Kill the monster protecting Bladgard.
Royal Revenge - Defeat the final boss of the Royal Guard campaign.
Superstar - Earn all the stars of the Royal Guard campaign.

The Warrior Queen - Trophies:

Bronze trophies
No Kingdom for the Old Man - Secure King Edgar's safety.
Prison Breaker - Escape from the prison of Vikingland.
This is My Town! - Liberate Norsheim.
Throwing Like a Girl - Prove yourself a worthy leader in the Battle Arena.
Unwelcome Arrival - Capture the Royal Airport.

Silver trophies
Fate of Traitors - Defeat the traitor's army at Stonecrest.
For My Father - Defeat the final boss of the Viking Elites campaign.
Megastar - Earn all the stars of the Viking Elites campaign.

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