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MP 40 on "Berlin":
To get an MP 40 in the final mission, do not take the first one that you see. Instead, until you find the second MP 40 and take it. You will get about 500 rounds of ammo, which should be enough to complete the mission.

Linejumper on "Boot Camp":
Enable cheats to reach the linejumper. You can exit the same window, but you will just fall to the ground. Using grenades to kill a jumper stops all the other jumpers.

Easy kills on
Throwing a grenade into the final courtyard will blow up all the Nazis as they spawn.

Way to chuck Private comment on "Burnville":
The extra comment about "Way to chuck Private" is easily attained inside the church. Throw the grenades from the church window and the same message will display.

Extra machine gunner on "
Lean from the wall to get rid of the two MG42S guarding the first flak gun. Doing so will cause a new machine gunner to spawn, but your men will charge forward anyway, leading to a huge pile up of bodies and extra BAR ammunition. Your men will eventually take out the extra gunner.

Killing flak gun crew
on "Burnville":
Running past the first two flak guns will cause one of your men to fix the charges, no matter how many enemies there are. The explosion should kill all Nazis associated with that gun.

Running out of men on "Burnville":
In the field when you begin the level, charge forward past the three MG42s in the windows and sandbag. Note: This is best done under the easiest difficulty setting. Stand there without shooting anyone and your men will waste themselves on the 42s. If this is done long enough and with "insane body count", they will eventually stop spawning. You can do the same thing almost everywhere else there is a 42 and spawning men.

Tank on "
The tank will start shelling and machine gunning you if you stand there too long.

Early truck on "
Stay near the wall near the three garage area to loop behind the truck. You will see it just sitting there with no one on it. Unfortunately, you cannot blow it up.

Saving Johnson on "Dawnville":
It is possible to save Johnson by running out with him. You can Faust the Panzer coming up either through the church window or, if you are very brave, by running out as fast as you can and reaching it before it gets to the barrier.

Get back to church comment on "Dawnville":
Moody will tell you to get back to the church if you run to his position before the appointed time.

Retreating back to the church on "Dawnville":
Get a Faust before going to Moody's position. Take out the tank just when it appears to cause your men to run headlong back to the church. The gate will not come down and the house and fence will not explode. This usually results in them getting slaughtered by the two or three Nazis standing guard.

Shooting Moody's attackers from the church on "Dawnville":
You can shoot the men attacking Moody's position from the church window. However, you first have to trigger the event by getting to Moody first, then looping back.

MG42 window on "Pathfinder":
You can throw a grenade to the side window by the MG42. This is useful under the veteran difficulty setting.

Avoid explosion damage on "Pathfinder":
After placing the charge on the cinder block wall, crouch behind the wall. When it explodes, you will not die or lose any health.

Deadly crossfire on "POW Camp":
On the way back, right before you get to the truck, there are three ways to get back to Foley; the alley closest to you, the alley in between, and the alley furthermost from you. You can play around with the alleys and their triggers by running back to the common areas and going down another alley. By doing this, your men will get caught in a three way crossfire.

Hidden comment:
In Burnville (the second map), when you must go into the church to knock out the two machine gunners and the antiaircraft fire, do not go to the church. Instead, stay behind the big tomb with a cross on it and toss grenades over the wall to where the two machine gunners and antiaircraft guns would be (the corner of where the walls meet above it). Keep throwing them until someone says "Way to chuck, Private".

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