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Bronze trophies
Welcome to Africa - Tutorial - Complete the Induction mission.
Wind of change - Achieve all objectives in Africa.
Easy-peesy - Complete Single player campaign on easy.
Military intelligence - Collect highest value intel following multiple skillkills.
Finger on the pulse - Upgrade OSB Pulse Wave.
Lighting their fire - Upgrade OSB Explosive bullets.
Bullet Repellent - Upgrade OSB Adrenaline.
Planes and Flames - Upgrade Airstrike in OSB.
Distance Warfare - Take out a Sniper with a grenade.
Stealing is wrong, kids! - Take out 10 Scavengers.
Hitman - Kill 10 enemies with a headshot.
Nowhere to hide - Kill 10 enemies through cover.
Up close and personal - Kill 10 enemies using melee.
Robert Ford - Kill 10 enemies from behind.
Boombastic - Kill 10 enemies with explosives.
Hot Potato - Kill 10 enemies with grenades.
Leg frag - Kill 10 enemies with mines.
Last breath death - Kill 10 enemies while health is low.
Bullet with their name on it - Kill 10 enemies with the last round in your weapon.
Under their nose - Surprise kill 10 enemies.
Multibloom-doom - Kill 3 enemies at once with a single grenade.
Rain of fire - Kill 5 enemies at once with an Airstrike.
Online can of whoop-ass - Kill 50 enemies in a co-op mode siege.
Don't call a doctor - Survive the Medicenter siege.
Keep at bay - Survive the Pirate Bay siege.
Out of the darkness - Survive the Mine siege.
Beat the street - Survive the Street siege.
2nd place equals death! - Win a Deathmatch.
Team Bodycount! - Win a Team Deathmatch.

Silver trophies

Wishing this was Vegas - Achieve all objectives in Asia.
You FTW - Break into The Target's Weapons Nexus.
Bullet dodger - Complete Single player campaign on normal.
Bad medicine - Take out ten Medics.
Network weapon - Skillkill 10 enemies in a row.
Never say 'Die' - Kill 100 enemies in a co-op mode siege.
Killed 'em all - Win ten Deathmatches of any type.
A very bad feeling - Survive the first encounter with the Nemesis.

Gold trophies
Warmonger - Complete Single player campaign on hard.
The Professional - Skillkill 25 enemies in a row.
Kilo-killer - Score 1000 online kills.
Sleep when I'm Dead - Defeat the K-8 Nemesis Widowmaker.

Platinum trophy

All Bodycount Trophies Won - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

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