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Bronze trophies
Advanced Graduate Researcher - Complete AR specimen 4.
Advanced Junior Researcher - Complete AR specimen 1.
Chain Gang - Destroy 5 big chains with one shot.
Chain-Tastic - Get x100 chain multiplier.
Death Wish - Complete a boss cell without using the repulsor.
Doing the Dishes - Flip 10 big tip enemies with one tip.
Graduate Researcher - Complete BF specimen 4.
Jackpot - Complete a specimen without dying.
Junior Researcher - Complete BF specimen 1.
Life is Good - Get 10 lives.
Matador - Dodge 10 repulsed back AR's at the same time.
Mix It Up - Complete hybrid mode.
Survivor - Finish a survival cell without dying.
The Cleaner - Clear a cell using the super repulsor.

Silver trophies
Advanced Head Researcher - Complete AR specimen 7.
Advanced Speed Master - Finish advanced research in 2xAT mode.
Attention to Detail - Complete all cells in any mode.
Death Wish Part II - Complete a survival cell without using the repulsor.
Death Wish Part III - Complete a boss cell without destroying any enemies.
Friends Forever - Complete BF in co-op (any mode).
Head Researcher - Complete BF specimen 7.
Immortal - Complete 3 consecutive specimens without dying.
Speed Master - Finish basic research in 2xAT mode.
Tough Guy - Complete all hard cells in any mode.
Ultimate Survivor - Finish all survival cells without dying.

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