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Bit.Trip Presents...Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien PS3 Cheats

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Bronze trophies
Better Than Perfect - Get One Perfect+ in Each World
Cloud King - Complete World 1
Dancing Fool - Dance 100 Times
Double Perfectionist - Get Two Double Perfects in Each World
Feel the Burn - Complete World 4
Future Legend - Complete World 5
Hardcore - Beat All Levels on Hard
Jogging Along - Complete 30 Rewards
Perfectionist - Get One Perfect Run in Each Level
Running Steady - Complete 60 Rewards
Super Tree Hugger - Complete World 3
Triple Perfectionist - Get Three Triple Perfects in Each World
Water Strider - Complete World 2
Who Dat!? - Unlock a New Character
You are AWESOME - Complete all 90 Rewards

Gold trophies
Perfect Perfectionist - Get a Triple Perfect+ in Every Level

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