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Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 PS3 Cheats

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Bronze trophies
Welcome to Papagaya Island - Kill the miniboss in Puerto Cálao.
Rumble in the Jungle - Defeat something huge.
Get the heck outa here you nerd - Defeat the final boss.
By hook or by Crook - Complete all challenge rooms.
Both guns blazing - Complete the game in coop mode.
TASC Force - As the primary player, complete a level by only finishing off enemies with your bionics.
Stiirike - As the primary player, kill 4 enemies with one barrel.

Silver trophies
Rearmed - As the primary player, obtain all bionic arm upgrades.
Billy Hoyle - As the primary player, complete the game without jumping.
Last Action Hero - As the primary player, complete the game on hard difficulty.
Cap Commando - As the primary player, complete all levels with both prestige upgrades equipped.

Gold trophies

OCD - As the primary player, find all Yasichis.

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