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Unlockable Kits:
To unlock the following kits, enter the corresponding codes at "Multiplayer" > "Unlockables".

Recon Kit (QBU88) - your3mynextt4rget
Special Ops Kit (UZI) - cov3r1ngthecorn3r
Support Kit (M60) - try4ndrunf0rcov3r
USAS12 Shotgun - Input aw3somef1rep0wer
FN2000 - Input h4h4th3r1snoc0d3

Unlockable Weapons:
Unlock the following weapons by performing the corresponding tasks:

Uzi - Acquire rank 4 in the online demo.
USAS-12 - View your multiplayer stats online.
F2000 - Play in the battlefield veterans program.
M60 - At findallfive.com, sign up with EA and register for the battlefield: bad company newsletter.
QBU-88 - Must have pre-ordered the game to receive a unique code.

Conserve grenades:

Instead of using grenades to blow out house doors or windows, use your knife to bust them out.

More power tool uses:
The Power Tool can also be used to break down walls, kill enemies, and disassemble tanks.

Knife slashing:
To repeatedly double slash with the knife press R1, triangle, R2.

Unlock the following rewards by performing the corresponding tasks:

Assault Rifle Efficiency - In a round 6 kills with assault rifle.
Avenger - In a round 3 avenger points.
Best Squad - Awarded in end of round.
Big Guns - In a round 5 kills with artillery.
Carbine Efficiency - In a round 6 kills with M16A2.
Clear Skies - In a round 5 kills with stationary weapon.
Combat Aviator - In a round 5 kills with air vehicle.
Combat Efficiency - In a round 6 kill streak.
Combat Engineer - In a round 20 vehicle repair points with 2 repairs.
Compact Assault Rifle Efficiency - In a round 6 kills with compact assault rifle.
Demo Pack Efficiency - In a round 3 kills with C4.
Emplacement - In a round 5 kills with stationary weapon.
Explosive Efficiency - In a round 10 kills with explosives.
Firearm Efficiency - In a round 3 kills with handgun.
Frag Out Efficiency - In a round 3 kills with grenade while playing demolitionists.
Grenade Launcher Efficiency - In a round 6 kills with grenade launcher.
Grenadier Efficiency - In a round 3 kills with grenade playing assault.
High Card - In a round get the best IAR score.
Kill Assists - In a round 5 kill assists.
Laser Designating Efficiency - In a round 3 kills from laser designating.
Light Machinegun Efficiency - In a round 6 kills with a light machinegun.
Marksman - In a round 5 kills with sniper rifle.
Medic - In a round 10 points from medkit with 2 heals.
Melee Combat - In a round 5 melee kills.
Mine Placement Efficiency - In a round 3 kills with AT mines.
Mortar Strike Efficiency - In a round 3 kills with mortar strike.
Naval Surface Warfare - In a round 5 Kills with sea vehicle.
Objective Attack - In a round destroy the last objective.
Objective Defender - In a round 30 defend points.
Objective Destroyer - In a round destroy 3 objectives.
Rocket Launcher Efficiency - In a round 3 kills with rocket launcher.
Savior - In a round 3 savior points.
Shotgun Efficiency - In a round 5 kills with a shotgun.
Squad Medication - In a round 40 squad member heal points.
Squad Member - In a round assists or save 5 squad members.
SVU Efficiency - In a round 5 kills with the SVU.
Tank Warfare - In a round 5 kills with tanks.
Target Tagging Efficiency - In a round 2 kill assists from dartgun tagging.
Transport Vehicle - In a round 5 kills with transport vehicle.
UMP In a round 6 kills with UMP.
Wheels of Hazard - In a round 2 road kills.
Winning Team - Awarded in end of round.

Unlock the following Wildcards by performing the corresponding tasks:

1 on 1 Air - In a round destroy an air vehicle of the same kind without assistance.
1 on 1 Land - In a round destroy one land vehicle of the same kind without assistance.
1 on 1 Sea - In a round destroy 1 sea vehicle of the same kind without assistance.
2 Pair - In a round get 2 of any 2 trophies.
Airtime - In a round 2 seconds air time in a land vehicle.
Armor Buster - In a round kill 5 armored vehicles.
Avenger Trophies - Global: 50x avenger trophies.
Beat the House - In a round 15 grenade kills.
Cab Driver - In a round 5 min as driver in a vehicle with passengers.
Chopper Chopper Kills - In a round kill 5 air vehicles.
Dead Eye Headshots - Global: Get 100 headshots with any sniper rifle.
Destruction Site - In a round destroy 50 objects.
Dueces are Wild - In a round kill 2 enemies of each kit.
Five of a Kind - In a round destroy 5 vehicles of the same kind.
Full Deck - In a round 52 total kills.
Full House - In a round destroy 3+2 vehicles of the same king.
Gunslinger - Global: 80 kills with handgun.
Headshots - In a round 20 kills from headshots.
Parashooter - In a round 4 road kills with any air vehicle.
Santa's Litle Helper - In a round 10 kill assists points.
Savior Trophies - Global: 50x savior trophies.
Snake Eyes - In a round get 11 kills as two different classes.
Squad Avenger Card - Global: Get 100 avenger points avenging squad members.
Squad Wild Card - In a round 1 squad member trophy per squad member.
Staying Dry - In a round 2 seconds air time with a sea vehicle.
Straight Flush - In a round destroy 1 vehicle of each kind.
Strike - In a round kill 10 Enemies at the same time.
Tank Buster - In a round kill 5 tanks.
Three of a Kind - In a round destroy 3 vehicles of the same kind.

SCAR (Silenced) on
"Acta Non Verba":
This could be either the SCAR-L or the SCAR-H (both can be silenced, they just use different caliber ammo). Use hand grenades with this weapon. The west side of the map has a broken bridge. Check the house just across for the weapon. Haggard will mention that silencers are for girls or for counter-terror units.

AK74u on "Acta Non Verba":
This weapon is a recon rifle like the SCAR, which means hand grenades instead of launched grenades (of which you carry three more and can fire further). Once you destroy the missile launchers (the Armory objective), the Spetsnaz (Russian Special Forces) who attack you in their distinctive blue woodland camouflage will have these weapons. Be sure to grab one.

M249 SAW on "Acta Non Verba":
This weapon is toughto get, if only because you will likely not be here if you ignore exploration. The weapon is at the start of the tank ride, in the first house on your right when you are ready to mount up. Since you will trigger the tanks to move if you go too far, you may want to finish the tank ride, then come back exploring. The large white X-mark will clue you in on which house in the valley houses the M249. It is useful to have when protecting the M1 Abrams in the town square. You might want to get this weapon before re-grouping at the red smoke after destroying the Zavrograd communications array.

Gold bars on "Acta Non Verba":
The five gold bars in this mission are hidden at the following locations:

1. The house with the Legionnaire's insignia has the first of many gold bars in a safe box. All gold bars will be in similar boxes.
2. On your way to the stage's second objective, there is a house at a fork in the road with some Russians. Clear it out and check the second floor of that house for this gold bar.
3. South and west of the Russian missile armory, there should be a small white X-mark in make shift pit (this is on the south bank of the river). It is the same location where Haggard says, "I smell gold!" (the beach camp with several Russians).
4. When destroying the anti-tank guns in the town, there is a building on the east half of the town with a red (not blue) "Hotel" sign. The building is defended by several machinegun nests (mounted and emplaced). You must clear the opposition first. Check the second floor. It is one of the few houses you cannot reach the attic because the box blocks the ladder access.
5. After guiding the tanks, you will be told to regroup at the smoke. Instead of doing that, go left of the smoke and case the wall. You will see it on a table-like object.

Gold bars on "Air Force One":
The five gold bars in this mission are hidden at the following locations:

1. In the building on the south end of the dam where trucks cross. It has two large boxes on the roof, and an SV98 and gold bar inside.
2. In the building where you have to destroy the radio equipment in the basement, in the room with all the explosives. The gold bar will be against the wall.
3. On the small island near and AA truck in the river, the gold is in the ruins of a small building that has no roof, with two enemy soldiers.
4. At the large base, after destroying everything and taking out the boats, look for a pair of two-story blue buildings. Next to them is a large white building. The gold bar is inside.
5. When you are sent out for fuel, go down the ramp. On the left will be a building with an "X". Inside is a RPG7 rocket launcher and a gold bar.

Gold bars on "Crossing Over":
The five gold bars in this mission are hidden at the following locations:

1. Before attacking the first antenna box, continue east down the road to a construction area. The gold bar is on top of some cinder blocks.
2. Directly south from third antenna box, there should be a house with an "X" on it. Inside is the MG36 and the gold bar.
3. After attacking the second antenna box, there is a group of houses down the hill. The gold bar is under the barn with the APC.
4. While crossing over the pools in the walkway, look to the north to find some shipping containers. The gold bar is on top of the containers. Jump over from the nearby staircase to collect it.
5. After fighting through the harbor, go down the ramp and turn to your right. Move in that direction until you see a small green house in the corner of the zone. The gold bar is inside the house.

Gold bars on "Par For The Course":
The five gold bars in this mission are hidden at the following locations:

1. Directly above the west gun you must destroy there are a group of X spots.
2. The island in the middle of the lake has a gold bar and an X spot with a collectible gun.
3. After you get the goggles and go to a weapons depot for some ammunition, there will be three tanks. The gold bar is behind the tanks on the golf course up the hill.
4. When you go around the mountainous rocks that separate you and the other pathway, you will reach the top of the map. At the tip of the map is an X and a tank. The gold bar is next to them.
5. A gold bar is at the rear of the mansion's bottom floor.

Online Strategies:
1. When playing recon, do not be a selfish sniper. Stay relatively close to the objective. You will get more kills and your squad will not feel the urge to kill you as often.
2. When a vehicle or person is tagged by a tracer round, demo classes will be able to home their rockets in on the target.
3. Do not be so determined to get someone's dog tags that you forget about endangering yourself or your objective.
4. Snipers move; it makes it harder for a counter-sniper to draw a bead.
5. Never get into a helicopter without a partner.

Finding weapons or items:

If you are having difficulty finding weapons or items, access the map and look for "X"s. They are indicators of where weapons an items are located. Sometimes there are also gold pickup spots next to these "X"s.

Easy way to M-COM Stations (Rush Mode):
-Play Rush Mode with the following settings and conditions: Not Hardcore, a squad of two or more, and be on the Attacking side.While this is possible with two people, it works better with three. Have one person fly the UAV while the second squadmate plays as Recon with C4 enabled. The perk that gives you more C4 is recommended. Have the Recon class guy strap all the C4 to a UAV, then have the Pilot fly the UAV next to M-COM station. When the Pilot is close to the M-COM station he will tell the Recon player to detonate the C4. Since friendly fire is turned off in BFBC2, the UAV will remain undamaged. If six C4s are strapped to the UAV it does almost 50% damage. If a third player is involved they can either go Recon and put more C4 on (this usually results in taking it out in one trip) or go Assault and supply the Recon player with another batch of C4 explosives.


Bronze trophies
Always Get Paid in Gold Bars - Complete 'welcome to bad company' on normal.
Action, Not Words! - Complete 'welcome to bad company' on hard.
Not Even a Nugget! - Complete 'acta non verba' on normal.
Where Are They Going So Fast? - Complete 'acta bon verba' on hard.
You and What Army? - Complete 'crossing over' on normal.
Say Goodbye to the Gold! - Complete 'crossing over' on hard.
He Might Come in Handy - Complete 'par for the course' on normal.
Cart Wheels - Complete 'par for the course' on hard.
Hold On! - Complete 'air force one' on normal.
Russia? - Complete 'air force one' on hard.
Letīs Take that Boat - Complete 'crash and grab' on normal.
You Found it You Keep it - Find 5 unique collectables.
Half Way Thru - Find half of all collectables.
Staying Alive - Complete a mission without dying.
Death From Above - Kill 25 enemies in a helicopter.
Home Wrecker - Destroy 200 walls.
The Hypochondriac - Use auto injector 50 Times.
Manic Lumberjack - Knock down a small forest.
The Anti-Mechanic - Destroy 50 vehicles.
Been There, Drove That! - Drive all vehicle types.
One In a Million - Hit enemy helicopter with laser designator.
I Love Gold! - Find a gold bar.
Check My Grill - Find half of the gold bars.
On Top of The World - Climb to the highest spot in the game.
Get Me Started - Participate in a ranked online match.
Leatherneck - Play 100 online matches.
Never Used a Door - Destroy 1000 walls online.
Forest Ranger - Knock down 1000 trees online.
With My Devil Dogs - Use Squad in the menu, find a friend and play one round(online).
There is No I in Squad - Have 20 Squad members spawn on you without dying in a single round(online).
Dog Owner! - Collect 5 unique dog tags(online).
Get the Dog! - Collect 50 unique dog tags(online).
Be the Best - Place #1 in a ranked match(online).
Vehikill - Get at least one kill in every vehicle(online).
Specialist - Reach rank 3(online).
Master Sergeant - Reach rank 8(online).
Colonel - Reach rank 20.
Drive By - 100 kills using vehicle(online).
Catch The 'Bad' Moment - Take 3 pictures using the image system(online).
Darwin's Parachute - Glide in the parachute for 3 seconds(online).
I am Bad Company! - Achieve all the awards(online).
Ooh Rah - Achieve half of all awards(online).

Silver trophies
Capitalist Pigs, Very Nice - Complete 'crash and grab' on hard.
Killer on the Loose - Kill 25 enemies.
Sir, Yes Sir! - Complete 'ghost town' on normal.
Clean sweep - Find all collectables.
Beans Bullets Bandages - Get 10002 kills(online).

Gold trophies
Here is your DD-214 - Complete 'ghost town' on hard.
Gold Digger - Find all gold bars.
General of the Army - Reach rank 25(online).

Platinum trophy
Battlefield: Bad Company - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

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