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Back to the Future: The Game - Episode 5 PS3 Cheats

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Bronze trophies
A Prickly Pair - Had a conversation with a cactus.
False Impressions - Impersonated three people over the phone.
Full Fair - Get your money's worth at the Expo.
Get it on Tape - Recorded everyone at the Expo.
Green Gobblin' - Treated Desert Edna to an algae cake.
Moonwalker - Busted a move, 80's style.
No Backups - Complete the glass house maze without going back up the stairs.
Two-Up - Defuse the standoff while climbing to the second floor no more than two times.

Silver trophies
Crackpot Mended - Restored Edna's memory.
Emmett Finds His Muse - Emmett completes his spectacular failure the Expo.
Raising the Bar - Prevented the Great Hill Valley fire.

Gold trophies

The Future isn't Writtten - Returned home.

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