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Bronze trophies
Escha's Journey - Started Escha's story.
Logy's Journey - Started Logy's story.
Just Getting Started - Cleared and reported 1st term assignment.
You've Got the Hang of It - Cleared and reported 2nd term assignment.
The Charm - Cleared and reported 3rd term assignment.
Going Forth - Cleared and reported 4th term assignment.
Oh - You're Halfway There
Moving Right Along - Cleared and reported 6th term assignment.
Making Progress - Cleared and reported 7th term assignment.
So Close - Cleared and reported 8th term assignment.
Terminal Term - Cleared and reported 9th term assignment.
Big Eater - Witnessed the twilight survival instinct of Escha.
Scars of the Past - Learned Logy was greatly injured in a past accident.
To the World's End - Saw the "Ends of the Earth" with Awin.
Sad Girls' Association - Saw an unexpected side of Threia and Marion.
Promise at the Ruins - Fell victim to a classic ruins trap with Reyfer.
A Dropout's Struggle - Read a difficult reference book with Lucille.
Let's Get Along - Watched Linca's reunion.
I'm a Magician - Found out that Wilbell is a real magician.
Please Act like and Adult - Witnessed Micie's elegant shopping.
Exciting Treasure Alliance - Encountered Katla and Harry's fateful meeting.
Harvest Festival - Harvested apples with Nio and Clone.
Like Father - Like Son
Great Monster War - Watched Duke and Colland's manly struggle.
Eating Contest - Participated in Duke's eating contest.
An Atelier for Two - Escha and Logy's new life begins.
Powerup Meeting - Planned for the future with the development team.
Future Dreams - Logy retook his dreams with Escha's support.
A Smiling Departure - Escha saw Logy off with a smile.
Over the Hill - Journeyed to the Ends of the Earth with Awin.
Deadline Approaching! - Helped Threia with her research.
The Thrill of the Hunt - Went on a search for treasure with Reyfer and Harry.
Dr. Lucille - Medicine Woman
Each With Their Own Strengths - Decided to work with Linca and Marion in the development team.
Journey through the Sky - Acquired a worn down air balloon. You became an alchemist of the sky...maybe.
Flying Further - Built a basic airship.
Into the Dusk Sky - Completed a true airship.
Set in Stone - Gathered lithograph fragments.
Leave the Battles to Me - Reached combat level 99. Are there any worthy foes left?
I'm an Expert! - Reached alchemy level 50. You're now an expert!
A Behemoth Falls - Eliminated the behemoth living at the water spring.
Fortress Destroyed - Destroyed the Slag guarding the ruins interior.

Silver trophies
Escha's Rest - Completed Escha's story.
Logy's Rest - Completed Logy's story.
Storyteller of Dusk - Destroyed the giant device used by a girl.
Girls' Association - Girls' Association.
Men's Association - Saw the complete men's association.
Sleep - Dragon King.
Guardian of Unexplored Ruins - Defeated the giant alchemic creature in the Unexplored Ruins
Salvation - Saved the girl's soul bound to Geosis.

Gold trophies
Welcome Home - Fulfilled an important promise.
A Grand Triumph - Stopped Flameu after she released her true power.

Platinum trophy
Trophy Completionist - Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

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