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Alex Kidd in Miracle World PS3 Cheats

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Continue hint:
When you lose all your lives, have over $800, and wish to continue, hold UP on the D-Pad, and press Button 2 eight times.

Janken challenges:
Do the following to defeat the Janken bosses when you play against them, without having to fight them if you lose.

1st: Choose Rock in the first game, then Scissors in the second
2nd: Scissors, then Paper
3rd: Rock, Scissors
4th: Paper, Paper
5th: Rock, Rock
6th: Rock, Scissors
7th: Paper, Paper

(Must be done in that order from the start of the game, if you select one different along the way all the rest will be different)


Bronze trophies
A Brush with Death - Outrun a ghost!
Copter Rider - Have a snack on the Petit-Copter!
Fists of Stone - Break 300 blocks with your fists.
Good Vibrations - Freeze in fear from breaking a Skull Block.
Octopus Sushi - Defeat both giant octopi.
Petit-Copter - Enjoy a sky cruise in the Petit-Copter.
Rockin' the Bike - Ride through Stage 2 on the Sukopako Motorcycle.
Shameful - Lose rock-paper-scissors even while using a Telepathy Ball.
Tears of Regret - Run out of lives in Janken's dungeon with less than $400.

Silver trophies
Boat Cruise - Clear Stage 9 while on the Suisui Boat.
Mission Complete - Clear every stage.

Gold trophies
Amazing Score - Collect all the items and finish the game.

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