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Bronze trophies
Conquering the Earth - Complete the first Earth level.
Conquering the Fire - Complete the first Fire level.
Conquering the Sky - Complete the first Air level.
Conquering the Deep - Complete the first Water level.
Cornerstone - Buy any castle upgrade.
Boom! - Create a chain of 20 or more pieces.
Digger - Use the Spade power-up 10 times.
Bomber - Use the Bomb power-up 10 times.
Swapper - Use the Swap power-up 10 times.
Shuffler - Use the Shuffle power-up 10 times.
Chainmaker - Create 1000 chains of 5 or more pieces.
Icebreaker - Destroy 1500 frozen pieces.

Silver trophies
KABOOM!!! - Create a chain of 30 or more pieces.
Master of Elements - Complete all levels of the game.
Home Sweet Home - Buy all castle upgrades.
Archmage - Reach a total score of 200000.

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